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American Airlines Can’t Get Enough: Orders Enough 737 MAX Planes to Start Their Own Air Show

SEATTLE, March 4, 2024 – In a move that’s sure to make their fleet as bountiful as a Thanksgiving dinner, American Airlines has placed a hefty order for Boeing’s 737 MAX jets, doubling down on their love for the model with a total order book now thicker than a novel at over 150 airplanes. This includes a jaw-dropping first order for 115 of the jumbo-sized 737-10 model, transforming their previous order for the slightly smaller 737-8s as if by magic, and tossing in options for 75 more just for good measure.

American’s CEO, Robert Isom, practically beaming with pride, shared, “For a decade we’ve been playing Extreme Makeover: Fleet Edition, and boy, isn’t our fleet looking young and sprightly? These shiny new jets are like the fountain of youth, ensuring we keep flying high and turning heads with our network and reliability.”

The airline, known for having its head in the clouds but in a good way, is taking its 737 MAX love affair to new heights. The 737-10, a veritable stretch limo of the skies, promises to be the belle of the ball with its dazzling fuel efficiency, spacious cabin ready to welcome up to 230 passengers, and the range to stride across continents with the ease of a globe-trotting superstar.

Meanwhile, Boeing’s Stan Deal couldn’t hide his glee, stating, “American Airlines’ trust in us is more refreshing than a cold soda on a hot day. This 737-10 is not just a plane; it’s a promise of sky-high efficiency and flexibility for American’s adventures around the world.”

As American Airlines bulks up its fleet with over 150 of these sky chariots, plus 25 of the dreamy 787 Dreamliners, the next decade looks to be an exciting chapter in the airline’s story. One thing’s for sure: with this many planes, American Airlines is all set to host its own air show, any day of the week.

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