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Niagara Falls’ Sky Tour Operator Upgrades to Fancy Flyers: Six Shiny Airbus H130s Join the Fleet

Anaheim, 28 February 2024 – In a high-flying move that’s set to elevate Niagara Falls sightseeing tours to luxurious new heights, Niagara Helicopters has announced a swanky update to their aerial fleet. The Ontario-based tour operator has placed a hefty order for six of the latest Airbus H130 helicopters, signaling a full-on fleet facelift and a commitment to offering top-tier tourism experiences.

Each year, Niagara Helicopters rolls out the red carpet for over 100,000 visitors from every corner of the globe, offering them a whirlwind 9-minute, 27-kilometre aerial tour above the breathtaking vistas of Niagara Falls. “To keep our guests’ experience nothing short of spectacular, we’re bringing in some fresh wings,” declared Denis Pilon, the Chief Operating Officer with a flair for the dramatic. “After a decade of partnership with Airbus Helicopters, it’s clear the H130 is the crème de la crème for our scenic escapades. We’re thrilled to continue this airborne alliance.”

Dwayne Charette, President and COO of Airbus Helicopters in Canada, expressed his delight over the continued partnership. “Niagara Helicopters’ trust in Airbus to enhance the Niagara escapades is a badge of honor for us. They’re not just clients; they’re our partners in crafting unforgettable experiences.”

The H130 stands out in the helicopter world, boasting a spacious cabin that can fit a pilot and seven adventure-seekers, offering them unrivaled views through its expansive windscreen and windows. Known for its quiet power and state-of-the-art features, the H130 promises an unparalleled airborne experience. Its comfortable, theater-style seating and efficient operating costs make it the envy of sightseeing helicopters everywhere.

With these sleek, new Airbus H130s ready to take to the skies, Niagara Helicopters is set to offer their guests a VIP view of Niagara Falls like never before.

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