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VW Golf 6 GTI Undergoes Spectacular Tuning with Airride Suspension and Barracuda Wheels

In the realm of car tuning, the VW Golf 6 GTI has recently been transformed into a breathtaking showpiece, thanks to the innovative application of an airride suspension system, allowing for dramatic height adjustments at the touch of a button. This modification, not only for show but also enhancing the car’s overall appeal, was implemented by the renowned tuning specialists at JMS Fahrzeugteile in Neckartenzlingen, Swabia.

The highlight of this tuning venture is the installation of the sophisticated Dragoon wheels by Barracuda Racing Wheels, a brand for which JMS Fahrzeugteile handles global distribution (Switzerland excluded). The wheels, celebrated for their lightweight construction due to the advanced flow forged process, boast an asymmetric twist design that lends a dynamic presence even when the car is stationary. To complement the GTI’s exterior, the wheels were finished in Highgloss Silver, measuring 8.5×19 inches with 225/35R19 tires, and are adorned with Barracuda Racing Bolts in bronze, adding a touch of elegance without the need for registration.

Adding to its striking appearance, the GTI is equipped with a front apron mimicking the design of the Golf R’s top model, courtesy of Rieger Tuning. This is paired with a rear diffuser insert that perfectly frames the prominent tailpipes, the terminus of a BN Pipes sports exhaust system, enhancing the car’s acoustic footprint to match its aggressive styling. The tuning package is rounded off with performance optimization and a BMC sports air filter, ensuring that this GTI’s bark is as potent as its bite.

This meticulously tuned VW Golf 6 GTI stands as a testament to the fusion of aesthetic allure and mechanical prowess, setting a high standard for automotive enthusiasts and tuners alike.

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