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BYD Seal’s Electric Surge: 200 Bookings Zap Through India in Just a Day

New Delhi, India – It’s an electrifying season for BYD India as their latest luxury electric marvel, the BYD Seal, sparks an astounding reaction with 200 bookings in merely a day post its grand reveal on March 5, 2024. This electric luxury sedan is cruising into the hearts of Indian customers at lightning speed, indicating a robust craving for eco-friendly opulence on wheels.

The BYD Seal isn’t just any electric vehicle; it’s a green status symbol that has been making waves globally and even vroomed its way to the finals for the ‘World Car of the Year’ at the Geneva Motor Show 2024. With a strategic partnership powering up its presence at UEFA Euro 2024, the Seal is more than just a car; it’s an emblem of futuristic driving.

To make this electric dream a reality for more Indian drivers, BYD India is rolling out some high-voltage offers for early birds booking the Seal by March 31, 2024. With three zappy variants – Dynamic, Premium, and Performance – priced competitively from INR 41,00,000 to INR 53,00,000, BYD is steering towards making cutting-edge EV technology accessible across India, aiming to electrify 90% of the market with its sales and service network.

Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, the powerhouse behind BYD India’s Electric Passenger Vehicle Business, couldn’t contain his excitement over the thunderous welcome the Seal has received. He emphasized the rising tide for luxury electric cars in India and pledged to keep the momentum going with BYD’s innovative EV lineup.

The Seal itself is a feat of engineering, boasting the latest e-Platform 3.0, which includes the award-winning Cell to Body (CTB) design and intelligence Torque Adaption Control (iTAC) for a drive that’s as smooth as it is swift. With a range that can take you from Delhi to Shimla and back without breaking a sweat, advanced safety features, and a swanky design, the BYD SEAL is setting the bar high for electric sedans.

To top it off, BYD is pampering new Seal owners with a bouquet of benefits including a home charger, portable charging box, a unique VTOL mobile power supply, roadside assistance, and a comprehensive warranty package, ensuring that your electric journey is as worry-free as it is thrilling.

With its eyes set on a greener horizon, BYD is not just selling cars; it’s driving a revolution, propelling India towards a cleaner, cooler future, one electric vehicle at a time. The BYD Seal is not just making a splash; it’s causing a tidal wave in the EV market, marking the dawn of a new era in Indian automotive history.

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