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Gujarat Shifts Gears: Gandhinagar Revs Up for a Brand New Formula 1 Track by 2028! Invites Tender

From Zero to Hero: Gujarat Government’s Ambitious Bid to Host F1 Races Amidst Calls to Revive Noida’s Buddh International Circuit

GANDHINAGAR, Gujarat – In a bold move that’s got everyone’s engines revving, the Gujarat Government has announced plans to build a state-of-the-art Formula 1 track in Gandhinagar, aiming to host its first high-octane F1 event in 2028. This initiative marks a significant shift in the Indian motorsports landscape, as the state vies for a spot on the prestigious F1 calendar.

The Sports Authority of Gujarat has rolled out the red carpet, seeking an agency to draft a master plan for this adrenaline-pumping project at GIFT City. With an estimated budget of INR 5 crore, the call for tenders is now open on, until 29 January 2024, 18:00 hrs.

This F1 circuit, poised to be a mix of permanent and demountable structures, is more than just a race track. It’s envisioned as a Centre of Excellence for Motorsports, nestled in the Special Economic Zone of GIFT City. The goal is to turbocharge Gujarat’s and India’s aspirations to host future international sports events while making sports infrastructure more accessible.

The chosen agency will face the thrilling challenge of designing a contemporary FIA Grade 1 Formula 1 track, satisfying the stringent requirements of both Formula 1 and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). The plan includes not just the track but an elaborate Event Overlay for a holistic racing experience.

Meanwhile, the decision has sparked a debate among motorsports enthusiasts and skeptics alike. On social media, voices like baranwalaporve suggest reactivating the existing Buddh International Circuit in Noida, citing its ready infrastructure and historic F1 moments. In contrast, others like beer_muscled_biker see this as a political move to spotlight Gujarat.

As the debate races on, the prospect of a new F1 track in Gandhinagar is steering conversations and raising expectations. Will this ambitious project cross the finish line successfully, or will it be overtaken by calls to revisit past glory? Only time will tell, but for now, Gujarat is firmly in the driver’s seat of this exciting new venture.

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