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Mahindra Moves Mountains with Mammoth Delivery of 100 Blazo Trucks to World Wide Movers

In a move that’s trucking incredible, Mahindra’s Truck and Bus Division (MTBD) played Santa in February, handing over a jumbo fleet of Mahindra BlazoX trucks to Inderpreet Anand, the MD of World Wide Movers Pvt Ltd. This massive delivery in Pune on February 26, 2024, marked a colossal milestone for Mahindra, as they continue to rev up the logistics game in India.

The BlazoX trucks, known for their beastly 7.2 litre, high torque, low r/min mPOWER FuelSmart engines, are the superheroes of the truck world. With multimode switches, these trucks don’t just promise performance; they deliver it, while sipping fuel like a fine tea. The trucks also come equipped with a Driver Information System, turning drivers into pilots of their own high-tech cockpits.

But wait, there’s more! Mahindra isn’t just about brawn; they’ve got brains too. Their iMAXX telematics technology is like having a supercomputer on board, giving real-time updates and making fleet management as easy as pie. These trucks aren’t just vehicles; they’re rolling command centers.

Jalaj Gupta, the Big Wheel at Mahindra’s commercial vehicles, couldn’t contain his excitement. “We’re thrilled to kick off this journey with World Wide Movers Pvt Ltd. These BlazoX trucks are more than just trucks; they’re a promise of efficiency, cost-saving, and a turbocharge to the Indian economy,” he said, probably while revving an imaginary truck engine.

Mahindra’s service network is sprawling like a highway network, boasting over 400 touch points, including swanky 3S dealerships and a roadside assistance cavalry ready to roll out across India’s trucking routes.

So, the next time you see a BlazoX truck on the road, tip your hat. These aren’t just trucks; they’re Mahindra’s mammoth machines, moving mountains for World Wide Movers.

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