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Lexus in Neutral Gear Nuisance: Australian LX Models Summoned for a Software Siesta

In a somewhat unusual turn of events, Lexus Australia has issued a recall for certain LX500d and LX600 vehicles, spanning the production dates from 10th December 2021 to 10th January 2024. This recall, affecting roughly 1,350 vehicles, comes in the wake of a peculiar issue with the 10-speed transmission’s brake clutch disc. In Lexus India, similar steps are being taken for the LX 500d model.

The crux of the matter lies in the brake clutch disc’s reluctance to disengage when the vehicle is shifted to neutral. On a flat surface, this could result in the vehicle inching forward at a leisurely pace of up to 6 km/h without any input, potentially leading to unexpected mishaps.

To address this, Lexus dealers are offering a free, 30-minute reprogramming session for the transmission ECU software. However, Lexus warns that due to dealer schedules, your vehicle might need to take a longer nap at the workshop.

In a proactive move, Lexus Australia is reaching out to owners via SMS, email, and snail mail, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in this recall campaign.

The recall has raised several questions among Lexus owners:

  • Q1: Which models are involved in Australia?
  • A1: Approximately 1,350 Lexus LX vehicles.
  • Q2: What’s the issue?
  • A2: A brake clutch disc problem in the 10-speed transmission could cause vehicles to creep forward unintentionally.
  • Q3: What’s the fix?
  • A3: A swift ECU software reprogramming at Lexus dealerships, free of charge.
  • Q4: How long will the fix take?
  • A4: Around 30 minutes, but it might vary depending on dealer schedules.
  • Q5: Can I still drive my Lexus?
  • A5: Yes, but be mindful of applying the brake pedal and engaging the parking brake in neutral.

For those who find their Lexus acting a bit more independently than usual, Lexus urges them to get in touch with their local dealer or the Lexus Customer Assistance Centre. The VIN, a key piece of information, can be located as detailed in the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual. Lexus assures prompt action once owners reach out to their dealers.

In a twist of irony, Lexus, known for its smooth and controlled driving experience, now finds itself managing vehicles with a mind of their own. Owners are advised to keep a close eye on their LX models, lest they decide to take a gentle, unguided stroll!

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