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Nissan’s Boozy Power Move: Ethanol-Driven Generators to Electrify Future

YOKOHAMA, Japan – In an electrifying revelation that smells faintly of sorghum and innovation, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. has rolled out its latest green gambit—a stationary, bio-ethanol-fueled power generator that promises high efficiency without the hangover of carbon emissions. Dubbed by insiders as the ‘Power Pub’, the trials are fermenting at Nissan’s Tochigi Plant, with sights set on a full-scale taproom of energy production by 2030.

Brewing since 2016, Nissan became the first car brewer… erm, manufacturer, to distill a vehicle propulsion system powered by a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) sipping on bio-ethanol. Now, they’re repurposing this intoxicating technology to stay put and power up, bringing new meaning to the term ‘stationary bar’.

The SOFC technology, akin to a fine aged spirit, offers a robust 70% power generation efficiency, outclassing the lightweight polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs) by a good 10%. It’s like choosing a top-shelf whiskey over well drinks; you get more buzz—er, bang—for your buck.

With a future as bright as a neon bar sign, Nissan is tinkering with metal-supported cells to beef up the system’s stamina, promising quicker reactions to power needs and smoother operations, even when the renewable energy grid fluctuates like a late-night patron’s karaoke performance.

The fuel for this power party, sorghum bio-ethanol, is being sourced in collaboration with Binex Inc., setting the stage for a 2025 debut. This choice of fuel is no random dart throw; it’s a calculated bullseye. Sorghum, a hardy crop that doubles as a snack and fuel source without stepping on food’s toes, captures CO2 during its growth. This ensures the CO2 belched out during power generation is more or less a break-even in the grand scheme of the carbon cycle—like drinking a diet soda to offset the calories from a deep-fried Mars bar.

Kazuhiko Murata, Nissan’s corporate vice president and the evening’s designated driver for Powertrain Production Engineering and Development, mused over their eco-friendly fermentation process: “As we transition from gas-guzzlers to electric avenues, Nissan’s diving into new technological distilleries. Our SOFC power generation is proof of our commitment to mixing traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies, all while keeping our carbon footprint light and our energy spirits high.”

With their eyes on the prize of a fully electrified and carbon-neutral 2050, Nissan plans to turn their production plants into a zero-emissions party, powered by renewable sources and onsite fuel cells. It’s a bold vision: a future where the energy used to make cars is as clean as the vehicles themselves, making Nissan’s Power Pub the toast of the town in the sustainable energy scene. Cheers to that!

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