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BMW 7 Series Protection review: The Ultimate Blend of Armoured Luxury and Advanced Security

The BMW 7 Series Protection, a German armoured sedan, represents a pinnacle of luxury and security. Launched in 1978, the 2024 model you’re looking at is the 6th generation, codenamed G73, of this esteemed line. This car is designed specifically for those needing exceptional protection, reflected in its class VR9 protection rating, meaning it’s bullet, ballistic, explosive, and blast resistant, certified to the highest civilian standards.

The sole petrol model, the 760i Protection xDrive, is priced around INR 10 crores, although BMW typically does not disclose the price publicly. This bulletproof variant of the standard 7 Series features 72 mm multi-layered bullet-resistant security glazing and a heavily armoured 10 mm steel protection core. This ensures the entire passenger compartment is safeguarded against ballistic attacks and explosions, a fact tested and confirmed by German government laboratories.

BMW offers exclusive consultancy, personalized sales, and service support for high-profile owners of this vehicle, serviced only in certified special garages. Assembled in Germany’s Dingolfing plant, this car boasts an iconic glow BMW kidney grille, BMW Crystal LED iconic glow headlights with high and low beam, Swarovski crystal DRL, and options for beacons and flashing lights.

The xDrive all-wheel drive system, electrically adjustable outside mirrors with cameras and turn indicators, enhance its robust features. The car’s dimensions are impressive with a 5.4-meter length, 1.5-meter height, 2-meter width, and a 3.2-meter wheelbase. Despite its hefty 3965 kg curb weight and 4600 kg gross weight, it offers smooth handling, supported by 20-inch light alloy wheels, disc brakes on both ends, and 255-740 R510 AC 119H Michelin PAX radial tubeless run-flat tyres.

The design team, including Jozef Kabaň, Domagoj Đukec, Sebastian Simm, and Henri von Freyberg, have crafted a car that’s not only secure but also stylish, available in colors like black sapphire, grey, brown, red, white, and silver. The self-sealing fuel tank, armoured underbody for splinter protection, LED tail light, and CLAR II platform construction further accentuate its safety features.

BMW organizes special driver training programs for this car’s drivers, emphasizing the vehicle’s capability to handle attacks and emergencies. The interior is a blend of luxury and practicality, with features like a 540-litre boot space, fresh-air supply system, motorized assistance in doors, 28 speakers 1265 watt Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, sun protection blinds, and customizable leather upholstery.

The 7 Series Protection is powered by a 4395 cc, V8 BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine with 48V mild hybrid technology, Electrically operated blow-off valve, Indirect charge air cooling and Cross-bank exhaust manifold, producing 530 horsepower and 750 Nm torque. It accelerates from 0-100 kmph in 6.6 seconds, with a top speed of 210 kmph and an average fuel efficiency of 6 kmpl.

Overall, the BMW 7 Series Protection offers an unparalleled mix of high protection, ride comfort, and spaciousness, making it a preferred choice for authorities, VIPs, CEOs, and royals.

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