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Sky-High Ambitions: Microflite Expands Fleet with Second Five-Bladed ‘Flying Fan’ H145

Singapore – In a move that’s elevating expectations and rotor blades alike, Australian commercial aircraft operator Microflite has recently announced its order for a second five-bladed H145 helicopter. This addition is set to boost the company’s capabilities in a range of operations from training to rescue missions, proving that when it comes to helicopters, more blades mean more bragging rights.

With an existing fleet that would make any helicopter enthusiast dizzy, Microflite boasts 20 Airbus rotorcrafts, including the single-engine H120, H125, and H130, as well as the twin-engine H135 and H145. And it’s not stopping there – the company has plans to welcome another H135 and an H145, which will mark its fifth Helionix equipped helicopter.

Jonathan Booth, CEO of Microflite Helicopter Services, is nearly as excited as a kid in a candy store, or in this case, a pilot in a hangar. “The H145 has been nothing short of an aerial powerhouse for us,” he said. “We’re all aboard the anticipation train waiting for our second five-bladed H145. It’s like waiting for a new superhero to join the team.”

Meanwhile, Airbus is tipping its hat to Microflite, with Clinton Watt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Airbus Australia Pacific, expressing pride in the continued partnership. “Microflite’s choice to keep expanding its Airbus fleet shows they have a taste for the finer things in flying,” Watt commented.

Apart from managing its impressive Airbus fleet, Microflite isn’t just flying these machines; it’s teaching others how to do so as well. As an Airbus appointed maintenance and pilot training center, it offers type-rated training for a range of single-engine and light twin helicopters.

In a collaborative effort with Airbus, Microflite is also set to introduce a Full Flight Simulator in Australia. This move is expected to revolutionize training and ensure that pilots are as ready for the skies as their helicopters are.

The H145 family has over 1,675 helicopters flying worldwide, with more than 7.6 million flight hours under their collective belts. Known for its quiet flight and low CO2 emissions, the H145 with its five-blade design isn’t just a workhorse; it’s an eco-friendly stallion of the skies.

In short, Microflite’s acquisition of the second five-bladed H145 is more than just an addition to their fleet – it’s a statement that when it comes to helicopters, they’re not just playing the game, they’re redefining it.

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