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Modi Cruises UAE in Style: ‘Ahlan Modi’ Event Sees Indian PM in Decked-Out Nissan Patrol

In a display of diplomacy on wheels, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a grand entrance at the “Ahlan Modi” event in the UAE on 13 February, aboard a specially modified Nissan Patrol, captivating the Indian diaspora and local Emiratis alike. The event, a testament to the deepening ties between India and the UAE, saw PM Modi addressing a 40,000-strong crowd at the Zayed Sports City stadium in Abu Dhabi, amidst an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie.

The Prime Minister’s ride for the day was no ordinary vehicle; it was an all-white, open-air Nissan Patrol, specifically modified for the occasion. Featuring a grab handle in front, it allowed Modi to stand and wave to the crowds as he made his way into the heart of the event. This vehicle, a 2017 model from the Patrol’s sixth generation (Y62) lineup, boasts a 275 horsepower, 4.0-litre VQ40DE V6 petrol engine, blending power with elegance. Patrol starts at AED 210,000 (INR 47.48 lakh) in Abu Dhabi.

Dubbed ‘Ahlan Modi’, the event organized by the Indian community in honor of PM Modi highlighted the vibrant Indian presence in the UAE, drawing participants from across the seven Emirates. The gathering was a melting pot of cultures, with both Indians from various communities and Emiratis in attendance.

In his address, Modi emphasized the soaring bilateral relations between India and the UAE, stating, “The relationship between Bharat and the UAE is reaching unprecedented heights in this third decade of the 21st century.” He outlined the multifaceted cooperation between the two nations, from trade and investment to technology and innovation, underscoring a shared commitment to progress and ease of living.

The Prime Minister’s speech also reflected on the significant contributions of the Indian diaspora towards strengthening India-UAE ties. He expressed gratitude towards the UAE government for their support, especially during challenging times like the Covid pandemic. Modi’s vision for India’s future was clear – to become the third largest economy by 2030 and a developed nation by 2047, playing a vital role in global well-being as a “Vishwabandhu.”

The UAE, home to about 3.5 million Indian nationals, the largest population of Indians outside their homeland, resonated with the spirit of ‘Ahlan Modi’. The event, months in the making, was a memorable celebration of the enduring friendship between India and the UAE, marking a new chapter in their shared journey towards prosperity and innovation.

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