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A Golden Journey of Innovation: Mobil 1 Marks 50 Years of Engine Excellence

In a spectacular ode to five decades of innovation and excellence, ExxonMobil announces the grand 50th anniversary celebration of its flagship brand, Mobil 1, the world’s leading synthetic motor oil. This landmark year is set to spotlight Mobil 1’s illustrious path of pioneering achievements and its bold stride towards the future of automotive excellence.

From its inception as the inaugural fully synthetic automotive motor oil, Mobil 1 has been steering the course of engine protection technology. Now, commemorating half a century, ExxonMobil gears up to unveil an array of initiatives that pay homage to its storied legacy and envision a future replete with innovation and collaboration.

At the heart of the celebrations is an evocative short film featuring former Formula 1 racer David Coulthard. This piece aims to transport viewers through the captivating evolution of Mobil 1, showcasing its influential partnerships and groundbreaking technological advancements that have set it apart in the automotive realm.

In tandem with the motorsport season of 2024, Mobil 1 is set to dazzle the racetracks with specially designed liveries, celebrating its rich racing heritage and ongoing commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Laura Bustard, Mobil 1 Global Brand Manager, reflects on the brand’s journey: “From revolutionizing synthetic motor oil to leading the charge in engine protection, Mobil 1 continues to set the bar high. Our dedication to innovation and excellence ensures that Mobil 1 will remain at the forefront for generations to come.”

As Mobil 1 embarks on this golden anniversary, it reaffirms its legacy as a beacon of innovation, a trusted partner to automakers and racers, and a steadfast ally to millions of drivers worldwide. Here’s to celebrating the past, driving the present, and accelerating into the future with Mobil 1™.

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