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Lotus Electrifies the GT Scene with Pricy, Zippy, and Roomy Emeya

London, UK – 07 March 2024: Lotus has juiced up the hyper-GT market by unveiling the price tag of its first electric speed demon, the Emeya, alongside launching an online car configurator for the environmentally conscious yet speed-hungry elite. Starting at a wallet-lightening £94,950 (€106,400, INR 96 lakh), the Emeya is zipping into the European scene in Q3 this year, promising to revamp the electric vehicle (EV) experience with unparalleled performance and comfort.

Feng Qingfeng, the Grand Poobah of Lotus Group, waxed lyrical about the Emeya, stating, “Who said electric cars had to be snooze-fests? With our motoring mojo and some techno-wizardry, we’re flipping the script on EVs. The Emeya is like a luxury lounge on lightning-fast wheels, merging top-tier luxury with the thrill of a Lotus ride.”

The Emeya is making range anxiety a thing of the past with its beefed-up battery layout, squeezing in 20% more juice for up to 20% more zoom. And with a 350kW DC fast-charger, it goes from nought to nearly full (10-80%) in just 18 minutes, boasting a range of 610 km (379 miles) – enough to leave range worries eating its dust.

Lotus isn’t just throwing in raw power; it’s ensuring the ride handles like a dream with innovations like all-wheel drive, rear-wheel steering, and an active aerodynamic ensemble that includes an air dam and rear spoiler for that extra oomph of downforce or efficiency, depending on your mood.

Bragging rights include a whopping 905 bhp under the hood, catapulting the Emeya from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in under 2.8 seconds. It’s like a spaceship, minus the launchpad. And with up to five driving modes, including Range, Tour, Sport, Individual, and Track, it’s adaptable whether you’re cruising or choosing to tear up the tarmac.

Luxury hasn’t taken a back seat either. The Emeya boasts a spacious 509-litre boot, ambient lighting that does more than just set the mood, five massage modes to pamper you silly, power-assisted doors that are smarter than your average door, and an intelligent panoramic glass roof for those who like their daylight controlled and their cabin airy.

Tech enthusiasts, fear not. The Emeya comes equipped with a cutting-edge 15.1-inch HD OLED infotainment system that’s as responsive as it is pretty, intelligent EV routing to learn your life better than you do, and augmented reality heads-up display to keep your eyes glued to the road, not the dash.

Available in six head-turning colours, including the eye-catching Boreal Grey and Fireglow Orange, the Emeya doesn’t just want to enter the luxury GT segment; it wants to redefine it. With three models to choose from – the Emeya, Emeya S, and the top-of-the-line Emeya R – Lotus is setting a new course for the electric grand tourer, all while promising to keep the updates coming over the air, ensuring your ride gets better with age, like a fine wine, but faster.

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