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Toyota India Turns Tool Room Teachers into Titans: Kirloskar’s Whirlwind Workshop Wows Karnataka!

Bangalore, 19th February 2024: In a move that could be dubbed ‘Transforming Teachers to Technicians,’ Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) recently wrapped up a rip-roaring workshop for thirty-one head honchos of the Government Tool Room & Training Centre (GTTC) across Karnataka. Hosted at the bustling TKM plant in Bidadi, this not-your-average classroom session was all about turbocharging GTTC capabilities, blending visits to the Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI) and Toyota plant with a host of top-notch training sessions.

With a toolbox full of initiatives ranging from Faculty Development to Industry-tailored curriculum, TKM is not just talking the talk but walking the walk in GTTC development. They’ve rolled up their sleeves, deploying TKM Trainers and designing student-focused Training Courses.

Shankara G, Executive VP and Director at TKM, couldn’t hide his excitement. “Seeing the GTTC Principals dive headfirst into our program was like watching a pit crew in action. These centers are the pit stops where the youth get their skill tune-ups. And at TKM, we’re all about supercharging these young minds to zoom into the industry.”

It’s not just a one-off for TKM; they’ve got their hands in sixty-five skill training pots across Karnataka, including sixteen GTTCs. And they’re not hitting the brakes anytime soon, with plans to adopt five more GTTCs next fiscal year. This gear shift is in perfect sync with TKM’s dream of fostering an automotive culture and skilling up India, keeping in line with the government’s Skill India Mission.

Remember the MOU inked between TKM and GTTC in January 2021? That was the green flag for TKM’s lap around Karnataka, boosting GTTC institutes left, right, and center.

The trainees at these institutes are in for a treat – a ‘Learn and Earn’ model, mixing classroom theory with hands-on experience under Toyota’s seasoned supervisors. They’ll be revving up their skills in the Toyota Production System, and upon crossing the finish line (aka completing the training), they’ll be gearing up for a certification exam, a joint venture between GTTC and TKM.

Catering to youths post-10th grade, this three-year training will focus on automobile welding and assembly. With TKM at the wheel, these GTTCs are on the fast track to creating a skilled workforce ready to take on the auto industry’s future challenges!

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