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Electrifying the Waves: Ferretti Group Sparks Up Düsseldorf with High-Speed Luxury Yachts!

Revving Up the Yachting World: Ferretti Unveils Futuristic Electric Riva and Swift Wallypower50 at Düsseldorf 2024.

Düsseldorf, January 20, 2024 – Amidst the glitz and glamour of the Düsseldorf Boat Show, Ferretti Group has made a splash with a press conference that’s more electrifying than a lightning bolt on the high seas. Their big reveal? The Riva El-Iseo, a sleek, electric chariot of the waves, and the wallypower50, a yacht so fast it could probably outrun a dolphin.

2023 was a banner year for Ferretti Group, not just because they were counting their money from a fantastic financial year, but also because they went public. Now, with over half their shares floating on the stock market, they’re not just making waves in the ocean, but in the financial world too.

“Ferretti’s 2024 is all about going green and going fast,” said CEO Alberto Galassi, probably while wearing sunglasses and standing on a yacht. The Group is not just about making boats; they’re about making the future, and that future is as shiny as the polished mahogany on their Riva El-Iseo.

Speaking of the El-Iseo, this isn’t your grandfather’s boat. It’s the first full-electric model for the E-Luxury segment, marrying classic Riva elegance with zippy electric power. After acing some really tough tests, it’s now ready to silently zoom across the seas.

And then there’s the wallypower50. It’s like the sports car of the sea, but with more room to sunbathe. For those who feel the need for even more speed, there’s the wallypower50X, which is like the wallypower50 but on a double espresso.

Ferretti isn’t just about going fast and electric. They’re also expanding their production capacity, because apparently, making futuristic yachts is a space-hungry business. With a whopping 70,000 sqm production hub in Ravenna and a shiny new area in Ancona, they’re gearing up for more innovations.

Financially, Ferretti is doing as well as a yacht on a smooth sea, with revenues up by 9.8% and an adjusted EBITDA increase of 17.7%. They’re not just building boats; they’re building an empire.

The Riva El-Iseo is 27 feet of electric elegance, boasting a Parker GVM310 full-electric engine and a high-energy lithium battery. It’s like the Tesla of the seas. The wallypower50, on the other hand, is a link between the open style of the wallytender43 and wallytender48 and the larger wallypower58. It’s got a deck large enough to hold a small dance party and speeds that would make a speedboat blush.

So, as Ferretti Group sails into 2024, they’re not just riding the waves; they’re reinventing them. With electric elegance and high-speed luxury, they’re proving that the future of yachting is as bright as the sun glinting off the ocean.

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