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Engine Whisperer: Praveena’s Electrifying Surgeon Skills Transform Cummins

In the bustling world of engine mechanics, Praveena reigns not with a stethoscope but with wire strippers. Dubbed the ‘Engine Whisperer’ at Cummins Inc., her expertise in Electrical Hardware Integration is nothing short of surgical precision. Praveena, who hails from India, likens her work to that of a neurosurgeon, delicately handling the wiring harnesses – the lifelines of engines.

“Just like the nervous system in humans, these wiring harnesses are the vital communicators for every engine part,” Praveena explains. Her role at Cummins is pivotal; she’s the go-to person for deciphering the language of engines, connecting every sensor to ensure seamless conversations within the engine’s anatomy.

Praveena’s journey into this niche field of engine wizardry began back in India, where the career paths were predominantly bifurcated into engineering or medicine. Her intrigue in electronic communication, spurred by the growing popularity of cell phones, steered her towards an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, followed by a master’s in Electrical Engineering from Wayne State University, Detroit.

Her career trajectory soared post-graduation, leading her to Cummins in 2017 amidst personal challenges, including relocating with a young family. But this move proved fruitful, both professionally and personally. At Cummins, Praveena’s prowess has been instrumental in transforming the company’s approach to design drafting. She spearheaded a Six Sigma project that revolutionized the design process, enabling Cummins to take the reins back from suppliers, resulting in significant annual savings and earning her a prestigious Business Impact award.

Praveena’s philosophy of embracing diverse perspectives and constructive discussions has been a cornerstone in her career, fostering an environment of trust and innovation. She emphasizes the importance of open communication, whether with her global team or Cummins’ leadership, ensuring that every challenge is met with a solution-driven mindset.

With Praveena at the helm, or rather at the operating table of engine engineering, Cummins’ engines are not just machines; they’re marvels of reliable and efficient power. Her ‘surgical’ interventions ensure that every wire, every sensor works in perfect harmony, making Praveena not just an engineer, but an ‘Engine Whisperer,’ redefining the heartbeat of Cummins’ innovations.

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