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RAM Trucks Europe and Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Gear Up for Another Electrifying Motocross Season

In an exhilarating announcement that promises to rev up the spirits of motocross enthusiasts around the globe, RAM Trucks Europe has confirmed the renewal of its partnership with the powerhouse, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, for the upcoming 2024 season. This marks the third consecutive year of their dynamic collaboration, bringing together two titans of the automotive and sports worlds.

The partnership thrives on a foundation of shared principles, including an unyielding passion for the sport, distinctive personalities, and an ongoing quest for superior performance and innovation. This synergy aims to transcend the boundaries of motocross racing, offering fans and competitors alike a glimpse into what dedication and teamwork can achieve.

This season, RAM Trucks Europe is stepping up its game by providing two specially customized RAM 1500 trucks for Andrea Adamo and Liam Everts, the celebrated Brand Ambassadors for RAM Trucks Europe. These vehicles are not just modes of transport but symbols of the strength and spirit of the collaboration, featuring custom wraps that echo the vibrant ethos of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team.

The collaboration extends beyond the track, with the RAM Trucks logo proudly displayed on the motorcycles and racing jerseys of the team, as well as across KTM Factory Racing’s extensive social media presence. This partnership is a testament to the alignment between RAM Trucks Europe and Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, both of which are committed to pushing the limits of what’s possible in their respective fields.

Domenico Gostoli, Head of RAM & Dodge Brands Enlarged Europe, expressed his enthusiasm for the renewed partnership, highlighting the deep-rooted passion and success that have characterized the past two seasons. Pit Beirer, KTM Motorsports Director, reciprocated the sentiment, underscoring the significant relationship between the two brands within the motocross community.

KTM’s storied history of success on the global stage, marked by Andrea Adamo’s remarkable victory last season, adds to the anticipation for what the 2024 season will bring. With 341 world championship titles under its belt, KTM continues to dominate the motocross world, driven by innovation, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

As the 2024 motocross season approaches, all eyes will be on RAM Trucks Europe and Red Bull KTM Factory Racing as they embark on another thrilling journey, fueled by shared values and a commitment to victory. This partnership not only sets the stage for high-octane racing action but also reinforces the powerful bond between two leaders in their fields, ready to take on the world one race at a time.

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