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Acura’s Electric Marvel Hits the Streets: ZDX & ZDX Type S Zap into the Future Starting at INR 53 lakh in US

January 20, 2024 – TORRANCE, Calif. – Acura has jolted the automotive market with its latest announcement: the 2024 Acura ZDX and its high-octane sibling, the ZDX Type S, are set to electrify roads this spring. The brand’s first plunge into the all-electric pool starts with a splash, as the ZDX A-Spec, sporting a single-motor rear-wheel-drive setup, zips into the market with a starting price of $64,500 (INR 53,60,543).

The ZDX Type S, boasting the title of Acura’s most powerful SUV to date, cranks up the volts with a dual-motor AWD system, setting buyers back at least $73,500 (INR 61.08 lakh). These prices don’t factor in any potential government incentives, leaving room for a more budget-friendly zap.

Sales of the ZDX models are powering up through a new digital sales process, offering a seamless experience either online or at dealerships. Early adopters can stake their claim on and are rewarded with an Acura Energy Key Card, unlocking perks like discounts and exclusive event access.

Emile Korkor, Acura’s assistant vice president of National Sales, charged up the excitement, saying, “The ZDX’s arrival marks more than our shift to zero emissions; it’s a testament to our electrified passion for performance.”

Tech enthusiasts will be amped to know that the ZDX comes packed with the latest gadgets, including Google integration and wireless smartphone compatibility, with the added bonus of Bang & Olufsen luxury audio.

Performance-wise, the ZDX promises a thrilling ride. The A-Spec version delivers 340 horsepower from its rear-mounted motor. For those craving more power, a dual-motor, AWD option is available. DC Fast Charging capability ensures you’re back on the road in a flash, adding about 81 miles of range in just 10 minutes.

The ZDX Type S takes it up a notch, estimated to produce a whopping 500 horsepower. It comes decked out with air suspension, adaptive dampers, and striking Brembo™ brakes. Its custom drive modes, including a Sport mode, promise to electrify your driving experience.

Acura hasn’t skimped on style either. The Type S model features 22-inch wheels – the largest ever on an Acura – and comes with optional high-performance tires for those looking to supercharge their drive.

ZDX owners aren’t left stranded when it comes to charging. Acura has plugged into some of America’s largest charging networks, offering a variety of charging credits and equipment options as part of the purchase. The Acura EV app keeps drivers connected to the nearest charging stations, making powering up as convenient as it is exciting.

This electric endeavor by Acura is more than just a new car launch; it’s a bold statement in the evolving landscape of automotive performance and technology.

2024 Acura ZDX Pricing

TrimDrive ConfigurationMSRP
A-SpecSingle Motor (RWD)$64,500 (INR 53.60 lakh)
A-SpecDual Motor (AWD)$68,500
Type SDual Motor (AWD)$73,500
Type S (Perf. wheel & tire)Dual Motor (AWD)$74,500 (INR 61.91 lakh)
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