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Golf at 50 Swings into the Future: Volkswagen Drives into Its Next Half-Century with a High-Tech, Illuminated Makeover

Wolfsburg, Jan 23, 2024 – The iconic Volkswagen Golf, a symbol of accessible mobility for five decades, is getting a high-tech makeover for its 50th anniversary. Volkswagen announced the launch of the new Golf, which is now more attractive, intelligent, and efficient than ever, as it drives into its next half-century.

Infotainment and Intelligence Get a Hole-in-One
The Golf’s tech game has leveled up significantly. It’s now equipped with a state-of-the-art infotainment system, boasting a speedy processor and intuitive operation. This includes the integration of ChatGPT and the intelligent IDA voice assistant, marking a significant leap in automotive-tech integration. Occupants can now chat with their car as if it’s a knowledgeable companion, discussing everything from weather forecasts to trivia.

Electrifying Performance with a New Plug-In Hybrid
The green gets greener with the Golf’s new plug-in hybrid variant. Boasting an all-electric range of about 100 km and a total range of 1,000 km, this eco-friendly option also includes a 50 kW DC quick-charging function. It’s a significant step towards sustainable mobility, ensuring that the Golf remains a favorite for environmentally conscious drivers.

Design Drives Down the Fairway
The new Golf sports a sharper front end, giving it a more dynamic and modern look. The 3D light graphics on the tail light clusters add a futuristic touch, while the illuminated Volkswagen badge, a first for the Golf, lights up like a beacon of innovation.

Celebrating a Rich Heritage
The Golf’s journey began 50 years ago in Wolfsburg, with over 37 million units sold worldwide since. Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, expressed pride in the Golf’s legacy, emphasizing its role in offering “affordable mobility for all at the highest technical level.” Imelda Labbé, of Volkswagen’s Board of Management for Sales, Marketing, and Aftersales, celebrated the Golf as a “car for all generations,” underlining its unique success story.

A Forward-Looking Front and Rear
Both the Golf and Golf Estate are identifiable by their revamped fronts. The illuminated Volkswagen logo and newly designed LED headlights are visually defining features, with the top-of-the-range IQ.Light LED matrix headlights offering a high-performance beam of up to 500 m. The rear also gets a redesign with new 3D LED tail light clusters.

Intuitive Inside
Inside, the Golf showcases an ergonomic infotainment system with a large, free-standing touchscreen. Enhanced multi-function steering wheel and the new IDA voice assistant make for an intuitive and interactive experience. The integration of ChatGPT into the IDA assistant allows for a seamless interaction with the car’s AI capabilities.

Parking Simplified
New assist systems like the enhanced Park Assist Plus and Park Assist Pro make maneuvering a breeze. The Area View system offers a 360-degree view, making parking simpler and safer.

A Powertrain for Every Preference
The new plug-in hybrid drives bring more power and range, while the 48 V mild hybrid appeals to those without a charging station at home. The Golf GTI has become sportier, and further derivatives are expected throughout 2024.

A Legacy of Innovation
From its inception as a front-engine, front-wheel-drive trailblazer, the Golf has consistently led in technology and design. It has introduced features like anti-lock braking systems, airbags, and all-wheel drive in its class. Over 50 years, the Golf has evolved into a high-tech compact class of its own, often referred to as the ‘Golf class.’

With more than 37 million Golfs sold, this latest evolution promises to maintain the model’s status as a pillar of the Volkswagen brand, continually driving innovation and setting new standards in the automotive world.

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