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Lexus’s New LM 500h Ultra Luxury Mimics a Private Jet Experience, Without Leaving the Ground

In a revolutionary twist on luxury travel, Lexus has introduced the LM 500h Ultra Luxury, a vehicle that promises an executive jet experience on the road. This flagship addition to the 2024 luxury lineup is a game-changer for those who crave the exclusivity and comfort of private jet travel, but prefer to keep their wheels on the ground.

This innovative model elevates the chauffeured experience for its pampered passengers, offering a wealth of personalized, tech-savvy comfort features. Imagine reclining in plush, lie-flat, sculpted leather seats, reminiscent of the indulgence found at cruising altitude, but accessible at street level.

Lexus’s commitment to unparalleled rear-seat travel shines through in every detail of the LM 500h Ultra Luxury. The epitome of Lexus Takumi craftsmanship and omotenashi hospitality, the vehicle anticipates and meets passengers’ needs proactively.

John Pappas, Lexus Australia’s Chief Executive, proudly asserts that this new flagship transforms the concept of personalized luxury travel. He highlights the serene cabin and masterful craftsmanship that set new standards in chauffeured mobility.

Luxury is redefined within the cabin, with two spacious captain’s chairs, a privacy partition, and an array of comfort-enhancing features like seat heating, ventilation, and massage options. The rear seats provide a fully flat seating experience at the touch of a button, paralleling the first-class airplane experience.

The vehicle’s climate control is a marvel, using an infrared matrix sensor to tailor the temperature to the specific needs of each occupant. The integrated large-capacity refrigerator and a 48-inch widescreen enhance the experience, making it either a relaxation haven or a mobile office.

Every aspect of the rear cabin, from the ambient lighting with 64 color options to the shadowy illumination patterns, is designed to personalize and elevate the luxury experience.

In terms of performance, the LM 500h Ultra Luxury is powered by an advanced 2.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid engine. It’s not just about power; the vehicle’s adaptive suspension and sound-suppressing measures ensure a ride as smooth and quiet as a private jet gliding above the clouds.

Priced at AU$ 220,888 (INR 1.21 crore), the Lexus LM 500h Ultra Luxury is more than a vehicle; it’s an ultra-luxurious sanctuary on wheels, redefining the journey for those who seek the zenith of road travel luxury.

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