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Toyota Yaris Cross Gets an Artistic Upgrade, Brings Bold Designs to City Streets

Toyota’s new Yaris Cross is adding a splash of vibrant color and personality to urban landscapes with a fleet of cars emblazoned with original artwork.

Five Lisbon-based artists were given carte blanche to express their individual styles on the updated model. The resulting designs draw inspiration from the Portuguese capital’s rich artistic traditions, ranging from classic tilework to contemporary street art.

Don’t worry – under the expressive exteriors, the new Yaris Cross still offers a more powerful engine, upgraded driver displays, and the latest Toyota safety features.

The talented lineup of artists has infused the Yaris Cross with a dose of urban cool, ensuring these cars will attract plenty of attention:

  • Ines Santos: Ines reimagines Portugal’s classic azulejo ceramic tiles, adding a modern twist to this traditional motif. Her design gracefully plays with shades of blue, white, and a touch of vibrant yellow.
  • Los Pepes: These self-proclaimed “Gangsters of Love” live up to their name with a bold and energetic Yaris Cross. Their clashing colors and patterns create a playful sense of visual overload.
  • Tosco (Paulo Ferreira): Tosco’s playful urban scene adorns the Yaris Cross, bursting with quirky characters and unexpected details. It’s the automotive equivalent of a bustling street festival.
  • Diana Oliveira: Diana’s design offers a whimsical take on traditional tile patterns, featuring exotic birds and a vibrant lemon tree motif. Think elegance with a hint of surrealism.
  • Luca Colapietro: While inspired by classic Portuguese tiles, Luca’s car boasts its own distinct personality. His symmetrical design incorporates unexpected elements like eyes and lips, creating an intriguing and slightly unsettling aesthetic.

The Toyota Yaris Cross art cars offer a unique blend of contemporary style and urban sensibility. If you’re looking for a car that stands out from the crowd, this series is sure to turn heads.

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