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Citroën’s Jumper: 30 Years Strong and Still Jumping!

Van-tastic Evolution: Celebrating Three Decades of Citroën’s Workhorse

In a world where vehicles come and go, one van stands the test of time: the Citroën Jumper. This iconic workhorse is celebrating its 30th anniversary, proving once again that age is just a number, especially when it comes to delivering for professionals.

Since its debut in 1994, the Jumper has been the go-to choice for everyone from handymen to corporate fleets, offering innovation with a side of reliability. With its robust build and clever design, it’s no wonder the Jumper has been hauling cargo and turning heads for three decades.

The latest generation of the Jumper is more modern than ever, boasting efficient thermal, electric, and soon-to-come hydrogen powertrains. Plus, with comprehensive connectivity and the latest driving aids, the Jumper is not just a van—it’s a technological marvel on wheels.

From its early days of bringing sedan-like comfort to the van market to its latest incarnation as an eco-friendly powerhouse, the Jumper has always been ahead of the curve. With features like electric windows and air conditioning in 1994 to automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection in 2024, the Jumper has never stopped evolving to meet the needs of professionals.

And let’s not forget about style. With a design that’s as eye-catching as it is practical, the Jumper is turning heads on job sites and city streets alike. Whether you’re hauling tools or making deliveries, you’ll do it in style with the Jumper.

So here’s to 30 years of hauling, delivering, and just plain getting the job done. Happy anniversary, Jumper—you’re still jumping strong!

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