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ZF Aftermarket’s ‘Shock and Awe’ Expansion in India: Driving Next-Gen Mobility with a Local Flavor

New Delhi, India – In a striking move that has the Indian automotive sector buzzing, ZF Aftermarket is turbocharging its operations with a hefty dose of local spice. Dubbed the “Shock and Awe” expansion, this strategic maneuver sees India transforming into a powerhouse for TRW’s shock absorber manufacturing wizardry. ZF Aftermarket isn’t just expanding; it’s redefining customer centricity with a ‘Made in India’ badge of honor, promising a range of products tailored for Indian roads and beyond.

TRW Shock Absorbers, already a household name for their aftermarket leadership, are now rolling off production lines right here in India. This local production spree is a testament to ZF’s commitment to keep the wheels of businesses turning more efficiently, sustainably, and safely than ever before. By slashing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for fleet operators, ZF is not just selling parts; it’s selling peace of mind and a promise of a smoother tomorrow.

Philippe Colpron, the maestro behind ZF Aftermarket’s global strategy, waxes lyrical about India’s central role in the company’s grand vision. “India is not just a market for us; it’s a crucible of innovation and excellence,” he notes, highlighting the strategic expansions aimed at fortifying ZF’s global supply chain through Indian prowess.

Andre Scholle, the Vice President and regional head honcho, echoed this sentiment. “The Indian aftermarket is on a fast track to dynamic changes, and we’re here to fuel this transformation with locally-produced, globally-demanded products,” he stated, underscoring the strategic pivot towards making ZF Aftermarket in India a hub for product innovation and excellence.

At Automechanika New Delhi, ZF Aftermarket’s showcase was nothing short of a spectacle. From the TRW range’s shock absorbers to SACHS’s clutch systems designed for both passenger and commercial vehicles, the display was a testament to ZF’s commitment to enhancing the driving experience with top-notch, OE quality solutions. Not stopping there, ZF also introduced a high-quality coolant to the Indian market, raising the bar for engine performance and longevity.

The “Together in Motion” concept at Automechanika was more than just a slogan; it was a vivid demonstration of ZF Aftermarket’s vision for Next Generation Mobility. With a portfolio that covers everything from damping control to telematics solutions, ZF is steering the future of mobility in India, one innovation at a time. The road ahead looks promising, and with ZF’s “Shock and Awe” expansion, it’s bound to be a smooth ride.

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