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Tread Lightly: Sweden Rolls Out World’s First Tire-Recycling Plant with Michelin’s Revolutionary Tech

In a groundbreaking move for sustainable industry, Michelin, Antin, and Enviro have announced the construction of the world’s first end-of-life tire-recycling plant in Uddevalla, Sweden. This innovative venture, which sees the finalization of a shared investment plan, marks a significant step in responsible recycling and environmental conservation.

At the heart of this project is Enviro’s cutting-edge pyrolysis technology, a game-changer in the recycling world. This technology stands out for its ability to extract valuable raw materials from complex products, such as tires. The joint venture’s ambition doesn’t stop there; it has already secured a series of multi-year contracts to supply used tires and upcycle the recovered carbon black and pyrolysis oil.

This pioneering plant is set to recycle an impressive 35,000 tons of used tires annually, creating up to 40 green jobs in the local community and marking a positive impact on the environment and economy alike.

The joint venture, formed in March 2023, sees Antin holding a majority stake, Michelin a minority, and Enviro with the option to become a significant minority shareholder. With all necessary permits in place, construction has commenced, and the plant is expected to be operational by 2025.

In addition to the Uddevalla plant, the joint venture has grand plans to establish a series of factories across Europe, aiming for a total annual recycling capacity of one million tons of used tires. This move is a response to the increasing volume of end-of-life tires in Europe, which currently stands at 3.5 million tons annually.

Michelin, a key player in this venture, continues its commitment to developing used tire recycling ecosystems. The company has signed a multi-year supply agreement for carbon black and pyrolysis oil, aligning with its strategic goal to achieve 100% renewable and recycled materials in its products by 2050.

Antin and Enviro are equally enthusiastic about this collaboration, envisioning a fully circular platform that repurposes end-of-life tires into sustainable raw materials. This initiative is expected to significantly reduce emissions compared to conventional methods, aligning with global efforts towards a more sustainable future.

“The launch of this ambitious industrial program, which is expected to be developed on a European scale, perfectly echoes the strategic objectives of the Michelin Group,” said Maude Portigliatti, High-tech Materials Business Director of the Michelin Group.

Alf Blomqvist, Chairman of Scandinavian Enviro Systems, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the crucial role of this joint venture in the industrial transformation needed for a sustainable future.

With this innovative plant, Sweden steps into the spotlight, leading the charge in the global effort to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, one tire at a time.

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