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Novitec’s Ferrari 296 GTB Gets a Carbon-Fueled Makeover and Mighty 868 HP Muscle Boost

In a striking fusion of speed and style, Novitec has redefined the Ferrari 296 GTB, an already heart-thumping sports car. This reinvention not only amps up its visual appeal with sleek, exposed-structure carbon bodywork components but also sharpens its aerodynamic prowess. The result? A two-seater that looks more thrilling and performs with even greater stability, especially at hair-raising speeds.

The collaboration between Novitec and U.S. wheel titan Vossen has birthed a unique tire/wheel combo, filling the wheel wells with a staggered 21 and 22-inch arrangement. This isn’t just about looks; it’s precision-engineered for dynamic handling, complemented by Novitec’s choice of coilover suspension or sports springs.

But wait, there’s more! Novitec didn’t stop at the exterior. They’ve also given the twin-turbo V6 engine of this hybrid a professional power-up. How? By pairing high-efficiency turbo inlets with a Novitec high-performance exhaust system and sports catalysts, squeezing out an extra 38 horsepower. Now, this beast boasts a system output of 638 kW / 868 hp.

The interior hasn’t been overlooked either, with exclusive options available for those seeking a personal touch. On the outside, the Novitec designers have gone all out. A lip spoiler here, a ducktail rear spoiler there, and even the option of an exposed-carbon element for the retractable production spoiler – all meticulously crafted for an optimal aerodynamic balance and full-blooded racing looks.

But the real show-stopper? The new Novitec NF11 wheels, designed by Vossen. These aren’t just any rims. They’re a state-of-the-art blend

of forging technology and CNC machining, available in 72 colors and featuring a centerlock-look hub cover. These wheels, along with the high-performance tires, not only enhance the car’s aggressive stance but also ensure exceptional grip and handling.

Lowering the ride by about 35 millimeters, the Novitec sports springs are a match made in heaven for these low-profile tires. For those seeking even more customization, there’s the stainless coilover suspension with adjustable height and damping rate. And for the 296 GTB models with the Fiorano package? There’s a specific version just for you.

One can’t overlook the practical touches, like the hydraulic Novitec front lift system. With a simple button push in the cockpit, the front end rises by 40 millimeters, making pesky speed bumps or underground parking ramps a breeze to navigate. Once you hit 80 km/h, it smoothly returns to its original, lower stance.

The power boost isn’t just for show. The custom turbo inlets and exhaust system, available in stainless steel or the Formula 1-grade Inconel alloy, not only improve gas flow but also enhance temperature control. And for those who want a bit of bling? There’s an option for 999 fine gold plating on the Inconel version. The exhaust system comes with various stylish tip options, including the luxurious gold plating, and features actively controlled butterfly valves for sound customization.

All these modifications culminate in a substantial power increase. And while the MGU-K electric drive behind the V6 remains untouched, Novitec frames the power units with striking exposed-carbon engine bay panels.

In summary, Novitec’s transformation of the Ferrari 296 GTB isn’t just a makeover; it’s a complete reinvention. With its enhanced aerodynamics, increased power, and sophisticated style, this hybrid sports car is not just ready for the road – it’s ready to rule it.

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