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Audi’s Electric Slide into China: Johannes Roscheck Revs Up as New President

In a strategic move signaling a new era, Audi has announced a pivotal change at the helm of its China operations. Johannes Roscheck, a veteran with a flair for international business, is set to take the driver’s seat as the President of Audi China, starting April 1, 2024. He takes the wheel from Jürgen Unser, who has steered Audi’s Chinese ventures from Beijing since January 2022.

Under Unser’s leadership, Audi accelerated its presence in China, steering through significant milestones in its electrification journey. Now, with a vision to broaden collaborations with Chinese partners and to navigate new customer and market segments, Audi is gearing up for a smarter, fully-connected electric vehicle future in this rapidly evolving market. “Johannes Roscheck is the ideal navigator for this transformative journey in China. His role as the President of Audi China will be crucial in steering our strategy in our largest market,” remarked Gernot Döllner, CEO of AUDI AG.

Ralf Brandstätter, Board Member of Volkswagen AG for the China region, emphasized the Volkswagen Group’s commitment to smart electromobility in the region with its “in China for China” strategy. Audi, as a leading premium brand and technological front-runner in the group, plays a vital role. “Johannes Roscheck’s international expertise makes him a perfect addition to our team. His leadership will be instrumental in Audi’s transformation,” Brandstätter said, also expressing gratitude to Unser for his remarkable dedication.

Roscheck, currently Head of Corporate Controlling & Finance at AUDI AG in Ingolstadt, brings over 25 years of experience in finance and production in the automotive sector. His journey with Audi has seen him at the forefront in Brazil, Hungary, the United States, and Germany. A mechanical engineer with a PhD in economics, his expertise spans various facets of the automotive industry.

During Unser’s tenure, Audi took major strides in its electrification strategy in China. Notable achievements include the plans for the new production site of Audi FAW NEV Co., set to roll out all-electric vehicles for the Chinese market from the end of 2024, the expansion of JV partnerships, and the establishment of an Audi-branded charging infrastructure. “Jürgen Unser has played a pivotal role in Audi’s growth in China, significantly enhancing our company’s future readiness. We are deeply grateful for his contributions,” stated Döllner.

Unser is now preparing for new challenges within the Volkswagen Group after a transformative two years in Beijing. Meanwhile, Audi’s journey in China takes a fresh turn under Roscheck’s leadership, promising an electrifying future for the brand in its largest market.

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