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Bentley buys Volkswagen ID3 & ID Buzz Cargo for medical emergencies

(Crewe, 6 December 2023) In a major step towards environmental sustainability, Bentley Motors has upgraded its First Response Team fleet at its UK headquarters in Crewe with two cutting-edge electric vehicles. The company has introduced the Volkswagen ID3 and ID Cargo Buzz, marking a significant shift towards eco-friendly operations.

These new electric models, which will be used for handling medical emergencies and various offsite events, can be conveniently charged at the Crewe site, which boasts 107 onsite charging points powered by over 36,000 solar panels. This move aligns with Bentley’s ambitious Beyond100 strategy, aiming to achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2030.

Notably, these electric vehicles contribute to reducing noise pollution, a considerate step towards the local community. They are also technically adept at operating within the site’s 10 mph speed limit, avoiding the mechanical strains experienced by their diesel predecessors.

The vehicles have been aesthetically customized, with the ID Buzz featuring a red wrap on its lower body to match the ID3, maintaining a consistent visual identity. Both models are equipped with the Bentley wings, site emergency numbers, sirens, and light bars. The ID3 is designated for medical and day-to-day onsite duties, whereas the ID Cargo Buzz is tailored for transporting specialized emergency equipment.

This initiative is part of a broader effort by Bentley Motors, following the lead of its onsite Logistics operation, which exclusively utilizes battery-powered vehicles. This transition to electric models is projected to reduce the site’s annual fuel consumption from 1261 liters to zero.

Bentley’s Crewe facility is a leader in environmental stewardship, operating entirely on renewable energy and earning the distinction of being the UK’s first luxury automotive factory certified as carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust in 2018. The site’s sustainability measures include a water recycling system in the paint shop, local tree planting initiatives, and the significant installation of solar panels.

Bentley’s commitment to environmental responsibility is clear as it strives to transform its Crewe factory into a ‘climate positive factory’ by 2030, actively working to reduce atmospheric carbon levels and set a new standard in the luxury automotive industry.

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