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Mahindra XUV400 Electrifies the Market with INR 50,000 Savings Offer

In an electrifying update from the automotive sector, Mahindra has rolled out an exclusive savings offer on its award-winning electric vehicle, the XUV400, which starts at an attractive price of INR 15.49 lakh. Recognized as the ‘Electric Car of the Year’ at the prestigious car&bike and acko Drive Awards 2024, the XUV400 is now even more accessible to eco-conscious consumers looking to switch to electric mobility.

The limited-time offer, valid until 31st March 2024, presents potential buyers with an opportunity to avail themselves of benefits worth up to INR 50,000. These benefits are applicable on select models and include a variety of incentives such as exchange bonuses, cash discounts, corporate benefits, and accessories, ensuring that every customer finds a deal that best suits their needs. However, it’s worth noting that this offer is subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other promotions.

The XUV400 stands out in the crowded electric vehicle market with its robust build and design aesthetics that embody Mahindra’s legendary SUV lineage. Equipped with plush interiors, cutting-edge technology, and a dynamic electric powertrain, it offers a premium driving experience without compromising on eco-friendliness or performance.

Mahindra raises the bar for electric vehicles with the XUV400’s impressive acceleration, going from 0-100km/h in just 8.3 seconds, and offers a best-in-class torque output of 310 Nm. With a range of up to 456 km on a single charge, the XUV400 is poised to revolutionize urban mobility and long-distance travel, making it an ideal choice for both city dwellers and adventure seekers.

This offer is designed to vary across different models and cities, ensuring that Mahindra’s commitment to sustainable transportation and customer satisfaction is accessible to a wide audience. With its combination of style, performance, and environmental responsibility, the XUV400 is set to continue its trajectory as a leader in the electric vehicle segment.

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