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Suzuki Charges Into the Future: Unveils New Hybrid and Electric Wonders at Bangkok Motor Show

Bangkok, March 26, 2024 – In a groundbreaking event that promises to reshape the automotive landscape, Suzuki Motors (Thailand) Ltd. has unveiled its latest technological marvels at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show. Under the theme “Journey Towards the Future,” Suzuki has introduced two pioneering models: the New Suzuki XL7 Hybrid and the Suzuki eWX Concept Model, an electric prototype, signaling the company’s robust stride towards carbon neutrality.

Tadaomi Suzuki, President of Suzuki Motors (Thailand), expressed the company’s dedication to innovation and social responsibility, emphasizing the launch of these models as a testament to Suzuki’s commitment to environmental stewardship and cutting-edge automotive solutions. “Suzuki is on a relentless quest to develop vehicles that enhance the quality of life, ensuring accessibility to advanced technology for all,” stated Suzuki.

The SUZUKI eWX Concept Model emerges as a beacon of the future, designed as a ‘Driver Companion’ for the urban environment. It boasts impressive specifications, including a driving range of up to 230 km on a single charge, encapsulating the essence of sustainable urban mobility. Meanwhile, the New Suzuki XL7 Hybrid, now officially available in Thailand, represents a leap in eco-friendly technology. This Multi-Dynamic Crossover merges Suzuki’s Hybrid technology with lithium-ion batteries, promising efficient fuel consumption and smooth driving experiences.

Wallop Treererkngam, Executive Vice President of Suzuki Motors (Thailand), unveiled the New Suzuki XL7 Hybrid, highlighting its advanced features and the significant anticipation surrounding its launch. “Empower Your Journey with the New Suzuki XL7 Hybrid, a testament to our innovation in hybrid technology, promising joy and value on every route,” he announced.

Suzuki has also reignited the excitement around the compact off-road car, the Suzuki Jimny, making a limited number available for sale, alongside announcing the Suzuki Ertiga Smart Hybrid as the Car of the Year 2024 for its smart hybrid engine and low emissions.

In addition to these launches, Suzuki introduced the Suzuki Swift GL Next and the Suzuki Celerio, both designed to meet diverse consumer needs, from thrilling drives to fuel efficiency. The multifunctional Suzuki Carry was also showcased, highlighting its versatility for both business and personal use.

With these introductions, Suzuki reaffirms its position at the forefront of automotive innovation, driving towards a future where technology, environmental responsibility, and consumer needs converge to create a sustainable, exhilarating driving experience.

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