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Elite Family Racer: The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T—A Luxurious Blend of Speed and Comfort Now Available in Hyderabad

The ultimate family car with a twist of high-octane performance, the 2019 Ferrari GTC4Lusso T, is now available for the elite buyer in Hyderabad. Priced at an impressive INR 3.50 crore, this exquisite hard-top 4-seater luxury coupe is ready to redefine family trips with both style and power.

Offering a rare combination of a 2-door configuration and enough room for four, the GTC4Lusso T is not just about luxurious commutes but also about making a bold statement. Previously owned by a single user, transitioning from company to individual ownership, this marvel has barely touched 15,000 km on the odometer, ensuring it’s as good as new.

This model isn’t just about looks; it’s backed by practicality with valid insurance and an extended warranty, making it a worry-free choice for potential buyers. Those interested should note the selling price includes a 2% commission.

The GTC4Lusso T features a robust 3,855 cc Ferrari F154 twin-turbocharged V8 engine, unleashing 602 hp at 7,500 rpm and a staggering 760 N⋅m of torque. It’s not just fast—it’s Ferrari fast, with the ability to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds and reaching speeds over 320 km/h. This model retains the 4WS four-wheel steering system from its V12 variant, ensuring impeccable handling even at high speeds.

The end of its production in 2020 turned the GTC4Lusso T into a collector’s item as Ferrari has yet to announce a successor. This makes the offer in Hyderabad not just a purchase but an investment for discerning buyers looking to own a piece of Ferrari’s storied legacy. Now is the chance to experience the blend of family comfort with supreme racing pedigree in one of the world’s most prestigious automobiles.

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