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Praga Unleashes Featherweight Powerhouse: The Bohema Hypercar Roars into Production!

In a move that’s revving up excitement among car enthusiasts, Praga, an automotive brand steeped in history, has announced the start of production for its first road-legal hypercar, the Praga Bohema. This milestone event marks a significant chapter in the Czech company’s 117-year legacy.

The Praga Bohema, a name that’s becoming synonymous with elite performance, was first introduced as a prototype in late 2022. Now, it’s transitioning from dream to reality, with a production plan spanning the next four years. This hypercar, weighing in at less than 1,000 kilograms and boasting a roaring 700 horsepower, is poised to be a collector’s dream – and possibly the last of its kind to be powered purely by petrol.

Tomas Kasparek, the driving force behind Praga Cars, expressed his pride in this achievement, noting the rapid progression from prototype reveal to production start. “This isn’t just a car; it’s a piece of Praga’s soul,” said Kasparek, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail in every stage of the Bohema’s construction.

The Bohema’s first customers, who have shelled out a cool €1.36 million for the privilege, were recently treated to a behind-the-scenes peek at Praga’s custom assembly line. There, they witnessed the painstaking process of hand-building these hypercars, a process emphasizing quality materials and flawless finish. These lucky few also got a taste of the Bohema’s prowess on icy Czech roads, equipped with Pirelli Trofeo R tires.

European enthusiasts can expect the first Bohema deliveries in the first half of 2024, with each car featuring a unique specification to mark the occasion. Plans are also underway for handovers in the UAE and USA, extending the Bohema’s reach.

The Bohema’s journey to production followed a rigorous year of on-road and track testing at renowned locations like Spa-Francorchamps and the Nürburgring. Input from world-class drivers, including Romain Grosjean and former Top Gear Stig, Ben Collins, has been instrumental in refining the car’s performance.

Collins, who has been showcasing the Bohema across Europe and the Middle East, shared his excitement about the transition to production. “The Bohema is more than a car; it’s an experience, and soon, our customers will get to live that dream,” he said.

With limited test drive opportunities slated for Spring in Europe and the UK, followed by launch events in North America and the Middle East, Praga is gearing up for a busy 2024. Mark Harrison, the brand’s Sales & Marketing Director, expressed his enthusiasm: “Moving from prototype to production in such a short time is a testament to our team’s dedication. We’re ready to shake up the hypercar market, and the Bohema is just the beginning.”

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