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Vintage Toyota Corona Available for Sale in Chennai: A Nostalgic Journey Back to the ’80s

CHENNAI, Tamil Nadu – In an exclusive offering that transports automobile enthusiasts back to the vibrant era of the ’80s, the only sixth-generation TT132 Toyota Corona in India has been listed for sale. Owned by Boss Wheels garage, this collector’s gem is priced at INR 18 lakhs, aimed at serious buyers seeking to experience the classic automotive design and engineering of the past.

Manufactured and imported from Japan, this rare sedan car remains in stock condition, preserving its original charm and authenticity. Under the hood, it runs on a 1C Diesel engine, ensuring a blend of vintage aesthetics with reliable performance. As a testament to its well-maintained state, all documents related to the vehicle are clearly entitled and up to date, making it a hassle-free acquisition for potential collectors.

The Toyota Corona, launched in September 1978 in Japan as part of the T130 series, represented Toyota’s commitment to innovation and quality. Positioned just below the luxurious Crown in Toyota’s product range, the Corona offered a front-engine / rear-wheel-drive layout. It marked a significant design shift towards a boxier aesthetic from the outgoing T100/110/120 series, available in various body styles including a four-door sedan, two-door hardtop coupe, four-door wagon, and a novel five-door liftback with a 40:60 split fold rear seat.

This sale is not out of desperation but rather a search for a genuine enthusiast who appreciates the heritage and value of such a classic automobile. The owner, a purist in car collection, emphasizes that this is a unique opportunity for a genuine gentleman to own a piece of automotive history. The vehicle, a testament to the era it represents, is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and is open for a test drive to interested parties who value the car’s legacy and are not inclined to negotiate its worth.

Dealers are kindly asked to excuse, as this sale is directed towards those who share a deep appreciation for vintage cars and the stories they carry. For those intrigued by the nostalgia of the ’80s and the legacy of Toyota’s engineering marvels, this Toyota Corona offers a unique opportunity to relive those times.

Interested buyers are encouraged to act swiftly, as opportunities to own such a pristine piece of automotive history are rare. The vehicle promises to be a prized addition to any collection, not just as a car, but as a piece of history that stands the test of time.

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