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How to open Jio-bp petrol pump?

In an exciting new venture, Jio-bp, a collaboration between Reliance Industries Ltd., India’s premier private sector entity, and bp, an international leader in energy, is inviting entrepreneurs to revolutionize their land into significant commercial landmarks. This partnership promises to open avenues for lucrative business opportunities by setting up Jio-bp petrol pumps across strategic locations in India.

As urban expansion and highway developments surge, Jio-bp is actively seeking potential Channel Partners who possess strategically located land parcels. This initiative is not just about business expansion but also about setting benchmarks in the energy distribution sector.

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Land Requirements: A minimum of 3000 square meters on highways, 1200 square meters within city limits, and 2000 square meters on other roads.
  • Financial Investment: Prospective partners should be prepared to invest upwards of INR 2 crores, ensuring they meet the infrastructural and operational standards set by Jio-bp.

How to Apply:

Entrepreneurs interested in leveraging their real estate assets can apply through various channels:

  • Online Application: Visit to fill out the application form.
  • Email: Send inquiries or express interest at
  • WhatsApp Communication: Potential applicants can initiate a conversation by sending ‘Hi’ to 7021722222.

This initiative not only aims to enhance the petrol pump network across the nation but also provides a platform for landowners to transform their properties into high-value commercial hubs. Joining hands with Jio-bp can turn a plot of land into a cornerstone of progress and profitability in the bustling landscape of India’s energy sector.

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