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BMW Showcases Future of In-Car Digital Experience at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV – At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, BMW Group has taken center stage with its groundbreaking in-car digital innovations, previewing what the future of automotive infotainment might look like. Presenting both new products for their current models and futuristic development projects, BMW has given visitors a unique experience, including teleoperation of a BMW iX and the chance to witness the integration of augmented reality in vehicles.

Frank Weber, BMW Group Development Board Member, emphasized the dual focus of the brand: “BMW stands not just for the ultimate driving machine, but also the ultimate digital experience. At CES, we’re showcasing advancements in content, customization, and gaming, all powered by our in-house BMW Operating System. We’re also peering into the future, with augmented reality and robust AI enhancing the human-machine interface.”

A New Era of In-Car Gaming

BMW has unveiled its latest gaming experiences accessible via the ConnectedDrive Store in 2024. The “BMW Digital Premium” option, available for vehicles with BMW Operating System 9, offers a rich selection of third-party apps, including games, which can now be enjoyed with gaming controllers. A highlight is “Beach Buggy Racing 2,” allowing split-screen play for two players. The integration of the AirConsole App further enhances the gaming experience, with smartphone-controlled casual games.

Enhanced Video Streaming in BMW Vehicles

The company has also introduced a new video streaming service for its Operating Systems 8.5 and 9. In partnership with XPERI Inc., BMW has optimized the TiVo system for in-car use, featuring live channels and on-demand content across various genres. This service, launched initially in the new BMW 5 Series, is progressively being extended to other models, including compact cars with Operating System 9 and luxury models like the BMW 7 Series.

Augmented Reality: The Future of Driving

BMW is also demonstrating the potential of augmented reality (AR) glasses to enhance the driving experience. The “XREAL Air 2” glasses, showcased at CES, provide navigational aids, hazard warnings, and parking assistance through AR overlays. This development is part of BMW’s long-standing commitment to AR and MR technology, which includes collaborations with Meta Reality Labs and XREAL.

Voice Assistant Revolution with Alexa LLM

In a joint venture with Amazon, BMW is developing a new version of its Intelligent Personal Assistant powered by Alexa’s Large Language Model (LLM). This advanced AI allows for more human-like interactions and control over vehicle functions, demonstrating BMW’s commitment to innovation in voice-controlled technologies.

Pioneering Teleoperated Valet Parking

In collaboration with Valeo, BMW is pioneering automated Level 4 parking solutions, including teleoperated valet parking. This system allows vehicles to autonomously find parking spots and return to the driver, with potential applications in various sectors. CES attendees can experience this technology first-hand, highlighting BMW’s leadership in automotive innovation.

BMW’s presence at CES 2024 underscores its commitment to leading the automotive industry in digital experience and technological innovation, blending advanced AI, augmented reality, and gaming into the driving experience.

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