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Rare, Retro, and Ready to Rev: Mumbai’s Lone Hyundai Tiburon GT Sparks Nostalgia and Desire

In a startling find for car enthusiasts, a first-generation Hyundai Tiburon GT (RD2), a unique gem of automotive history, has hit the market in Mumbai. Priced at INR 11.99 lakh, this 2000 model boasts a well-maintained track record with all papers valid until 2026, ensuring its new owner can drive in style and legality for years to come.

The Tiburon, a single-owner marvel, has only clocked 34,000 km, making it a barely-touched treasure. Its allure is heightened by updated accessories, including luxurious Nappa leather seat covers, brand new low-profile tyres, and 17-inch aftermarket alloy wheels. The car’s performance is boosted with an aftermarket exhaust, and it shines in new paint, marking it as a rare collectible item. In fact, this Tiburon is reportedly the only one of its kind in India, though it wears its exclusivity with a few scratches.

Potential buyers can inspect this retro ride in Khar West, Mumbai, where it’s bound to turn heads. The Tiburon’s allure isn’t just in its rarity; it’s a piece of automotive history. Born as the Hyundai Coupe in some markets, the Tiburon name – a nod to the Spanish word for ‘shark’ – aptly describes its predatory and sleek design. This model, in particular, is an RD2, an update on the original RD platform, launched in 1999. It sports a facelifted design with distinctive four-headlight frontage reminiscent of the third-generation Honda/Acura Integra and the sixth-generation Toyota Celica.

This Tiburon isn’t just a car; it’s a time capsule. Its 2.0L inline 4-cylinder Beta engine, unchanged from its inception, promises the same 140 hp and 180 Nm torque thrill. It’s a throwback to the days when cars were more than just transport – they were statements.

The car has already caught the eye of local enthusiasts. ashton.rodgers noted its impressive exhaust during a recent sighting on Carter Road. Meanwhile, shaurya.dubey expressed a mix of nostalgia and practical hesitation, recalling the Tiburon’s fame from NFS Underground, yet balking at the price tag.

For those dreaming of reliving their gaming glory days or simply owning a piece of automotive history, this Tiburon GT is a siren call. It’s a rare chance to own not just a car, but a story on wheels.

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