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Renaissance on the Racetrack: The Renault Clio’s Bold New Chapter

In an exhilarating update that’s set the motorsport world abuzz, the Renault Clio has embarked on a thrilling new journey, merging its storied legacy with a fresh, audacious aesthetic. The fifth-generation Clio, a mainstay on the competition circuit, has now received over 800 orders and celebrated numerous victories globally. This year marks a pivotal turn for the model as it adopts the bold and vibrant design of its road-going sibling, signaling the dawn of a vibrant new era for the iconic racer.

The Clio, a jewel in Renault’s crown and the best-selling French car in history, has charmed nearly 16 million buyers across 120 countries since its debut in 1990. Originating as a versatile city car, it quickly made its mark in the world of motorsport, offering a diverse array of versions and an accessible price point. With each new generation, the Clio has evolved, staying true to its core principles while embracing innovation and style.

Recently, the Clio underwent a transformation, showcasing the Nouvelle Vague Renault’s latest design ethos. The car now sports a dynamic new front end that blends cutting-edge technology with a spirited aesthetic. Its new light signature, combined with taut and efficient lines, gives the Clio a more assertive presence that is both emotional and statuesque.

The competition variants of the Clio, including the Rally3, Rally4, Rally5, Cup, and RX models, have all benefited from the meticulous efforts of the teams at Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé and Alpine Racing in Viry-Châtillon. This collaboration has infused the competition Clios with the new design, emphasizing the connection to Alpine through distinctive branding elements.

As it takes to the tracks this season in various trophies and series, the New Clio showcases the commitment of Renault and its partners to innovation, excellence, and affordability in motorsport. With a retrofit kit available for existing models and new cars delivered with the Phase 2 design from January, the legacy of the Clio continues to evolve, ready to inspire and excite a new generation of fans and competitors alike.

Since 2020, 737 Clios have been produced for competition, with the Rally5 model leading sales. The international acclaim of the Clio is undeniable, with a strong presence in 33 countries across four continents. The launch of the New Clio into competition has not only rejuvenated the model’s image but has also reinforced its standing as a benchmark in the automotive and motorsport industries.

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