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Jeep Renegade and Compass e-Hybrid Make a Splash at Media Drive Event in Balocco

In an impressive showcase of sustainable mobility and technological innovation, Jeep’s newest e-Hybrid models, the Renegade and Compass MY24, took the spotlight during the e-Hybrid Media Drive in Balocco, Italy. This event highlighted the latest advancements in hybrid engine technology integrated into Jeep’s renowned vehicle lineup, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability without compromising on performance or comfort.

From March 12th to the 20th, the picturesque Italian town of Balocco played host to a group of selected European journalists from 14 countries, offering them an exclusive opportunity to experience the capabilities of the Jeep Renegade and Compass MY24 e-Hybrid models. The event aimed at providing a hands-on understanding of the brand’s innovative e-Hybrid technology through specially designed test routes.

Eric Laforge, Head of Jeep brand in Europe, stressed the cultural significance of e-Hybrid technology for Jeep, positioning it as an entry point to electric mobility for those hesitant about making the transition. He emphasized the inclusion of this technology in the Avenger, Renegade, and Compass models as a step towards achieving greater sustainability without sacrificing the vehicles’ renowned comfort and performance.

The e-Hybrid powertrain is a testament to Jeep’s technological prowess, featuring an intelligent system that manages propulsion by automatically switching between electric, hybrid, and internal combustion modes. This ensures optimal performance across various driving scenarios. The vehicles’ GSE T4 1.5L turbo engine is designed for efficiency and performance, complemented by innovative features such as the Intelligent Brake System and a Belt Starter Generator (BSG), which enhance energy recuperation and reduce emissions.

Notable advancements include the Jeep Renegade’s introduction of a new 10.1” infotainment system and a 10.25” TFT digital cluster, alongside the Compass’s new Level 2 autonomous drive system, which is now operational on all roads. These enhancements underscore Jeep’s dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology and safety features into its vehicles.

The Jeep Renegade and Compass MY24 models also boast a more streamlined and efficient lineup, with three trims for the Renegade and two for the Compass, catering to a wide range of customer preferences. The vehicles showcase significant improvements in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, further highlighting Jeep’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

As the e-Hybrid Media Drive unfolded, journalists embarked on a 26-kilometer journey through Balocco’s scenic outskirts, rigorously testing the vehicles’ technological advancements and enjoying an immersive experience into the world of next-generation motoring. This event not only showcased the Jeep Renegade and Compass MY24 e-Hybrid models’ capabilities but also their role in advancing the brand’s vision for a sustainable, high-performance future.

The new Compass MY24 is now available for orders at Jeep dealerships, with the new Renegade MY24 set to debut in April, marking a new chapter in Jeep’s journey towards sustainable innovation.

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