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Citroën and Jeep Launch Comprehensive Monsoon Service Campaigns for 2024

Stellantis Brands Offer Complimentary Checks and Exciting Discounts

Pune, India – July 10, 2024 – As the monsoon season sets in, Stellantis-owned brands Citroën and Jeep have announced dedicated service campaigns to ensure the safety and performance of their vehicles in the rainy season. Running until July 31, 2024, these initiatives include comprehensive checkups, special offers on parts and services, and attractive discounts, aiming to provide a seamless driving experience for their customers.

Citroën: “The Great Monsoon Splash”

Citroën introduces “The Great Monsoon Splash,” a campaign focused on maintaining peak performance of Citroën vehicles during the challenging monsoon season. This initiative offers customized services and special discounts to ensure Citroën owners enjoy a hassle-free and confident driving experience throughout the rainy months.

Jeep: “Jeep Monsoon Rally 2024”

Jeep’s “Monsoon Rally 2024” campaign provides a variety of exclusive services and offers tailored for monsoon conditions. Designed to prepare Jeep SUVs for all-weather adventures, this campaign guarantees that Jeep owners can continue to enjoy their vehicles’ renowned off-road capabilities.

Key Benefits of the Monsoon Service Campaigns:

  • Free Monsoon Special Checkup: Complimentary 40-point preventive check to ensure vehicles are monsoon-ready, addressing potential performance and safety issues.
  • 10% Discount on Select Services: Special offers on essential services like underbody and silencer coating, windshield treatment, headlight polishing, and select monsoon accessories.
  • Special Offers on Tire Replacements: Exclusive deals on tire replacements to ensure optimal grip and safety on wet roads.
  • Discounts on Select Parts and Accessories: Reduced prices on parts and accessories designed for the monsoon season, enhancing functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Roadside Assistance Policy Benefits: An extended roadside assistance program with complimentary services for an additional month, providing extra assurance during unpredictable weather.

Customers can take full advantage of these limited-time offers by visiting their nearest Citroën or Jeep service center. Both brands are committed to delivering exceptional service and support, especially during the monsoon season, ensuring vehicles perform at their best and keeping drivers safe on the road.

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