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NHAI Hits Jackpot with Record-Breaking Rs. 15,624 Crore from Highway Monetization Magic Show!

In an unprecedented financial feat, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has dazzled the nation by conjuring up a whopping Rs. 15,624.90 Crore through its latest InvIT Round-3 trick, marking the highest concession value ever levitated through such a maneuver. By monetizing a grand ensemble of 10 highway stretches, spanning an impressive 890 km, NHAI has truly pulled a rabbit out of its hat. The Letter of Acceptance (LOA), akin to a magician’s final reveal, was astonishingly issued within a mere two hours of the bid’s opening act.

The NHAI’s repertoire of monetization spells includes the Toll Operate Transfer (TOT), InvIT, and Securitization—each proving to be a crowd-pleaser in its own right. This financial year, the authority has already dazzled audiences by awarding four TOT Bundles, raking in an encore-worthy Rs. 15,968 Crore. The TOT mode has seen a standing ovation with a 100% success rate, with LOAs vanishing from the stage within one day of the financial bid’s curtain call.

Looking back on its illustrious performance history, NHAI has not only successfully monetized 6 rounds under the TOT Mode, amassing a treasure chest of Rs. 26,366 Crore but also realized Rs. 10,200 Crore from two rounds of InvIT, alongside a Securitization haul of about Rs. 37,000 Crore to date. The finale of FY24 is expected to add approximately Rs. 5,000 Crore to this impressive tally.

The grand total of NHAI’s asset monetization extravaganza, in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), has now soared past the Rs.1 Lakh Crore mark, with a treasure distribution of Rs. 42,334 Crore through TOT, Rs. 26,125 Crore through InvIT, and Rs. 42,000 Crore through Securitization. This spectacular show aligns with the Government of India’s grand vision under the National Monetization Plan and echoes the enchanting promises of the Govt. of India’s Budgetary announcements.

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