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BYD Surges Past Milestones: Unveils 7 Millionth New Energy Vehicle in a Trailblazing Achievement

March 25th marked a monumental day for BYD, the pioneering force in the new energy vehicle (NEV) and power battery sector, as it proudly announced the production of its 7 millionth NEV, the Denza N7. This historic moment not only cements BYD’s position as the first global automaker to hit such a high production figure but also underscores its unyielding commitment to spearheading the green revolution in automotive technology.

The journey to this landmark achievement reveals a tale of relentless ambition and exponential growth. BYD’s milestone of producing its 1 millionth NEV was celebrated in May 2021, and in a remarkable show of acceleration, the company tripled this output in just 18 months. The pace quickened, surpassing 5 million units within the next nine months. Demonstrating the prowess of its end-to-end supply chain and economies of scale, BYD hit the 7 million milestone a mere seven months later.

The year 2023 turned out to be a record-breaking year for BYD, with its cumulative annual NEV sales reaching a staggering 3.02 million units. This impressive figure not only solidified BYD’s leadership in the global NEV market but also saw its diverse model lineup topping sales charts across various categories.

BYD’s global ambitions saw significant traction in 2023, with its new energy passenger cars penetrating 64 countries and regions worldwide. The brand witnessed a 337% year-on-year increase in international car sales, crossing the 240,000 units mark and earning it the title of the top NEV exporter for the year. Strategic expansions into Thailand, Brazil, Uzbekistan, and Hungary further emphasized BYD’s global reach, with the brand also snagging the prestigious role of an official partner for the UEFA European Football Championship 2024™.

Looking forward, BYD has set its sights on expanding and deepening its localization efforts, ensuring that its innovative products, cutting-edge technologies, and distinguished brand are increasingly accessible on the global stage. In its pursuit of advancing the automotive industry towards a more sustainable future, BYD continues to drive forward, promising a greener, cleaner era for global mobility.

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