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Drive the Audi Q3 or Q3 Sportback at an EMI of INR 39,999, Bundled with Exclusive Benefits

In a groundbreaking offer, Audi enthusiasts can now own the luxurious Audi Q3 or the sleek Audi Q3 Sportback at an astonishingly affordable EMI of just INR 39,999. This enticing package not only brings the thrill of owning an Audi but also offers a plethora of exclusive benefits, making it an irresistible deal for car aficionados.

The Audi Q3 and Q3 Sportback come with a remarkable 5-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for buyers. Moreover, this warranty includes a complimentary 2+3 years extended warranty, extending the coverage for an extensive period.

Adding to the allure, Audi is offering a comprehensive service value package for 3 years or 50,000 km, whichever comes first. This package is designed to provide Audi owners with hassle-free maintenance and service, further enhancing the ownership experience.

In a testament to Audi’s commitment to customer satisfaction and support, the offer also includes a generous 10-year roadside assistance program. This ensures that Audi owners receive prompt assistance in case of emergencies, reaffirming the brand’s dedication to safety and convenience.

Additionally, the exchange and corporate benefits provided as part of this offer are unmatched, providing added value to potential buyers. Whether it’s upgrading to a new Audi or availing exclusive corporate benefits, customers can enjoy unparalleled advantages with this limited-time offer.

This groundbreaking deal not only makes owning an Audi more accessible but also ensures that buyers receive the best-in-class benefits and support that Audi is renowned for. With its combination of luxury, performance, and value, the Audi Q3 and Q3 Sportback stand out as irresistible choices for discerning car enthusiasts. Grab this opportunity to experience the epitome of automotive excellence today!

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