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Mercedes-Benz Celebrates 30 Years in India with Lucrative Offers on the New EQE SUV

As Mercedes-Benz commemorates its 30th anniversary in India, the luxury car manufacturer has announced an enticing offer for its customers – a 50% road tax benefit on its latest electric SUV, the Mercedes-Benz EQE. This offer, available in select markets for a limited time, aims to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and celebrate three decades of Mercedes-Benz’s presence in the Indian automotive market.

The EQE SUV, an embodiment of intuitive intelligence and cutting-edge technology, is now available with EMI options starting from INR 1 lakh. Mercedes-Benz is also extending loyalty and corporate benefits to all customers, underlining its commitment to rewarding its longstanding and corporate clientele.

Finance options for the EQE are provided exclusively through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services India, subject to their discretion.

The EQE electric SUV is not just a marvel of luxury but also a powerhouse of performance and efficiency. It boasts an impressive range of 550 km, capable of charging up to 80% in just 32 minutes. With acceleration from 0-100 kmph in a mere 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 210 kmph, along with a torque of 858 Nm, the EQE SUV is designed to deliver exhilarating driving experiences.

Priced starting at INR 1.39 crore, the EQE SUV features a new generation of lithium-ion batteries composed of ten cell modules, offering a usable energy content of up to 90.56 kWh. This sets new benchmarks in terms of performance, efficiency, and charging capabilities.

The vehicle’s interior is just as innovative, with an OLED central display providing a user-friendly interface. The display utilizes artificial intelligence to suggest the most important functions, reducing the need for navigating through submenus. This, coupled with the optional Burmester 3D surround sound system, ensures that every journey in the EQE SUV is both a visual and acoustic delight. The sound system offers unique sound themes like “Silver Waves” and “Vivid Flux,” enhancing the driving experience based on the selected driving mode and style.

Mercedes-Benz’s latest offering and promotional benefits underscore the brand’s dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainability. As the automotive world moves towards a greener future, Mercedes-Benz is leading the way with its advanced electric vehicles, providing an irresistible blend of luxury, performance, and environmental consciousness.

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