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Manhart Elevates the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S with a Powerful 725 HP Upgrade: Introducing the CRE 700

In an audacious move, Manhart Performance has unveiled the CRE 700, a formidable upgrade to the Mercedes-AMG W206 C 63 S E Performance, pushing the boundaries of the mid-size plug-in hybrid’s capabilities. This announcement comes approximately a year after Mercedes-AMG launched the latest iteration of its flagship C 63 model, now adorned with the “E Performance” badge, signaling a shift towards a hybridized powertrain that blends a robust combustion engine with electric prowess. Originally, the vehicle boasted an impressive output of 680 HP and a torque of 1,020 Nm, setting high expectations for performance enthusiasts. However, the switch from the iconic V8 to a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine raised concerns about the car losing a part of its prestigious appeal.

The tuning specialists at Manhart Performance have taken it upon themselves to address these concerns, infusing the C 63 with a renewed spirit through their CRE 700 package. By integrating an MHtronik auxiliary control unit, the CRE 700 sees an uplift in the power of the hybrid powertrain, now delivering an astonishing 725 HP and a peak torque of 1,120 Nm. This enhancement is further complemented by upgrades to the exhaust system, including sport downpipes and 300-cell catalytic converters, which endow the vehicle with a more robust and aggressive acoustic profile. These modifications, however, currently lack TÜV certification and are aimed at markets outside Germany.

Manhart Performance has adopted a relatively understated approach to the visual enhancements of the CRE 700. The vehicle’s stance is lowered by approximately 20 millimeters thanks to Manhart-specific lowering springs from H&R, while the exterior is defined by its black paintwork and adorned with the tuner’s signature decal set, featuring decorative stripes and lettering. Chrome elements, including the Mercedes star and door handles, have been given a black finish for a more cohesive look, complemented by factory matte black AMG wheels highlighted with red accents.

The interior of the base vehicle, particularly the F1 Edition, already features bucket seats and red accents, including the seat belts, which Manhart found no need to alter. The attention to detail extends to the choice of Michelin tires, with slight variations in size between the front and rear to optimize performance.

As the automotive world continues to navigate the transition to hybrid and electric vehicles, the CRE 700 serves as a testament to the tuning community’s ability to adapt and innovate. With this latest creation, Manhart Performance not only pays homage to the legacy of the AMG C 63 but also sets the stage for future developments in high-performance hybrid tuning. The CRE 700 is a bold statement of intent from the Wuppertal-based tuner, signaling a promising future for enthusiasts and the tuning industry alike.

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