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KGM Motors UK Emerges from SsangYong’s Transformation, Eyes Future with New Identity and Vision

December 20, 2023 – In a landmark announcement, SsangYong Motor UK unveiled its rebranding to KGM Motors UK (KGM), marking a pivotal shift in its corporate journey. This rebranding reflects a broader global identity change and signals a new era of innovation and market expansion for the Korean automotive giant.

KGM’s transformation encompasses not just a name change but a radical shift in brand vision, focusing on pioneering the next generation of mobility solutions. This includes an emphasis on integrating cutting-edge technologies such as electrification, autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence.

The rebranding retains KGM’s iconic winged logo, a nod to its heritage since 1954, and introduces a refined colour scheme of white on black, replacing the previous white on blue. The UK branch will feature the new name alongside this emblematic logo.

“Go Different. KGM,” the new global slogan, encapsulates the brand’s ambition to inspire innovation and distinguish itself from the conventional automotive market. Kevin Griffin, managing director of KGM Motors UK, remarked on the excitement surrounding the unveiling of a refreshed brand identity and the introduction of products utilizing new technologies. He emphasized the UK’s embrace of this change and commitment to growth as a respected SUV and pick-up truck brand.

Central to KGM’s renewed vision is the concept that vehicles are gateways to exploration, not just transactions. The brand encourages customers to experience its distinctive and innovative automotive offerings.

While charting a new course for its future, KGM maintains its commitment to exceeding customer expectations through transparent practices and excellent customer service. The brand’s evolution in image and profile reflects significant growth and a departure from the conventional ‘value for money’ perception, focusing instead on high-quality features and luxury materials.

KGM’s roots trace back to Ha Dong-Hwan Automobile Manufacturing in 1954, evolving through various name changes and acquisitions, including its transition to SsangYong Motor Company in 1988. In 2023, KG Global acquired a majority shareholding, marking its entry into the automotive sector with a strategic focus on electrification and new product development.

KGM Global specializes in 4x4s, SUVs, MPVs, and pick-up trucks. With its headquarters in Seoul and principal manufacturing plant in Pyungtaek, the company is poised for future growth. This includes investment in a new factory for the production of pure-electric vehicles.

In the UK, KGM is represented by KGM UK Limited, part of the Bassadone Automotive Group since 2011. The company has undergone significant changes, including a new management team and growth strategy. With an aim to expand its dealer network to 80 by 2024, KGM UK Limited offers a full range of SUVs and pick-ups, each boasting generous specifications and value for money prices.

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