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BMW Unleashes Electric Chic and Muscle in a New Era of Coupé Adventure: X2 Marks the Spot for Power and Pizzazz

In an electrifying move that spells both power and panache, BMW has pulled the wraps off its latest duo of automotive marvels – the dynamic second generation BMW X2 Sports Activity Coupé and its electric counterpart, the inaugural BMW iX2. This pairing promises a seamless blend of cutting-edge style, unparalleled technology, and comfort that goes the extra mile, heralding a new chapter in the storied legacy of the brand’s X series.

The unveiling of the fully electric iX2 marks BMW’s bold stride into the future, offering an impressive range of up to 455 km (WLTP), and setting the stage for an electrified tomorrow. Not to be outshone, the BMW M35i xDrive stands as a testament to traditional M performance, with a mighty four-cylinder engine that propels it from 0-62mph in a mere 5.4 seconds.

A beacon of innovation, the new models come loaded with more technology than their predecessors could dream of. The latest BMW iDrive with QuickSelect, Operating System 9, and a slew of digital services and driver assistance systems come standard, ensuring both models are as smart as they are swift. With M Sport specification now a standard affair, the vehicles’ striking aesthetics and driver appeal are undeniable.

With a starting price of £40,515 (INR 42.92 lakh) for the X2 range and £51,615 (INR 54.67 lakh) for the all-electric iX2 variant, BMW is setting a new benchmark for luxury and performance in the premium compact segment. As the marque readies for deliveries starting March 2024, the anticipation is electric.

The BMW X2 has long been celebrated for introducing the Sports Activity Coupé concept to the premium compact arena. Now, with its enhanced dimensions, a more pronounced coupé silhouette, and dynamic lines, the second generation is poised to redefine excellence in the sector.

Highlighting the leap forward, the fully electric iX2 variant showcases BMW’s commitment to sustainable innovation, along with a wide array of driver assistant systems for automated driving and parking, and groundbreaking digital services offered by the new BMW iDrive.

With over 380,000 units of the original model sold worldwide, the new BMW X2 is not just a continuation of a success story; it’s a bold new chapter that promises to captivate and conquer. As BMW accelerates the electrification of mobility, the iX2 stands as a beacon of the brand’s futuristic vision, ensuring that when it comes to adventure and allure, X truly marks the spot.

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