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Audi A3 Allstreet: The High-Riding, Digitally Savvy Crossover That Thinks It’s an SUV

The Audi A3 family welcomes its newest, most distinctive member: the A3 allstreet. Daring to stand taller with an added three centimeters of ground clearance over its A3 Sportback sibling, this crossover is not just eyeing the off-road look but practically inching closer to SUV territory. With its higher seating position, it promises an SUV-esque driving adventure without compromising on the high functionality and digital connectivity it brings to the table.

Stephan Fahr-Becker, the maestro behind its exterior design, shares that the A3 allstreet makes a bold statement at first glance. This crossover is not shy about its ambitions, flaunting a unique off-road character that sets it apart in the premium compact class. The aim was clear: to amplify its increased ground clearance with specific design cues, making it unmistakably different.

The vehicle’s design boasts a confident off-road persona, thanks to a vertical emphasis of its matte black Singleframe and a large octagonal radiator grille that mirrors the aesthetics of Audi’s Q models. Unique to the allstreet, its front and rear grooves enhance its rugged charm, paired with a spoiler lip and diffuser that nod to the robustness of a skid plate. Its trapezoidal air intakes, high-contrast frames, and dark rocker panel trims further assert its powerful stance. Moreover, its standard roof rails and wide wheel arch trims in Manhattan Gray not only emphasize its length but also give it a sporty, robust look.

Lighting the way, the A3 allstreet introduces up to four selectable daytime running light signatures, allowing owners to personalize their vehicle’s expression. This innovation reflects Audi’s commitment to offering a higher degree of personalization, with different interpretations of self-confidence and agility.

Not just a pretty face, the A3 allstreet boasts 30 mm more ground clearance than the A3 Sportback, thanks to its 15 mm higher suspension and larger wheels. This not only enhances comfort and visibility but also promises a sporty, precise driving experience with its specific spring/shock absorber tuning.

On the digital frontier, the A3 allstreet is a tech enthusiast’s dream. Equipped with a plethora of connect services, functions on demand, and an app store integrated into the infotainment system, it ensures drivers are always connected. From the Audi virtual cockpit to inductive smartphone charging and optional MMI navigation plus, the vehicle is a hub of innovation.

Moreover, the A3 allstreet is prepared to evolve with its owner’s needs, thanks to functions on demand that can be added online, ensuring a high degree of flexibility. Whether it’s adapting to a long vacation with navigation and adaptive cruise assistant or integrating smartphones seamlessly, the A3 allstreet is all about enhancing the driving experience.

As it rolls off the line at Audi’s Ingolstadt plant, ready to hit the streets of Germany and beyond, the Audi A3 allstreet starts at 37,450 euros (INR 33.88 lakh) for the 35 TFSI with 110 kW (150 PS) S tronic. It’s not just a vehicle; it’s Audi’s statement on blending off-road character with digital sophistication, ready to take on both city streets and the road less traveled.

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