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JSW Jumps into the Driver’s Seat with MG Motor, Gears Up for a 38% Spin!

In an exciting turn of events in the Indian automobile sector, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has given the green light to JSW Ventures Singapore Pte. Limited for a sizeable acquisition. This newly minted subsidiary of JSW International Tradecorp Pte. Limited, part of the illustrious JSW Group, is set to acquire up to a whopping 38% of the share capital of MG Motor India Private Limited.

JSW Ventures Singapore, though a fresh face on the block with no current business engagements, is revving up to make a significant impact. This acquisition marks their grand entry into the dynamic world of automobiles and after-sale services, a sector where MG Motor India, the target of this deal, has been a notable player.

MG Motor India, known for its innovative approach in the automobile original equipment manufacturing business, has carved a niche for itself, especially in the realm of passenger cars, including electronic vehicles. Their brand ‘MG’ has become synonymous with quality and excellence in the Indian market.

This move by JSW Ventures Singapore is seen as a strategic shift in gears, positioning them as a key stakeholder in the automotive industry. Initial whispers of this acquisition surfaced back in June 2023, with speculations that Sajjan Jindal, the force behind JSW Group, would clinch approximately 45-48% ownership in MG Motor India. Additionally, it was anticipated that dealers and Indian employees of MG Motor India would hold a 5-8% share, adding a local flavor to this high-octane business venture.

With this approval from CCI, JSW Ventures Singapore is all set to drive its way into a new era of automotive excellence, steering MG Motor India towards new horizons. Buckle up, because the automobile industry is about to witness an exciting ride!

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