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Highways Bonanza Hits Mysuru: Gadkari Rolls Out Red Carpet for Roads Worth a ‘Mere’ ₹4,000 Crore

In an extravagant display of infrastructural enthusiasm, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, today orchestrated the grand unveiling and cornerstone setting for an impressive lineup of 22 National Highway Projects. This road-rific spree, sprawling across 268 kilometers and flaunting a price tag just north of ₹4,000 Crore, took the city of Mysuru, Karnataka by storm.

Among the highlights, the Huliyar-KB cross-Chunchanahalli-Nelligere road is set to bridge distances between Mysuru and the northern reaches of Karnataka, promising faster chai deliveries and more efficient road trips. The much-anticipated Mysuru Ring Road, decked out with service roads and Rail Under Bridges (RUBs), is gearing up to tell traffic jams to take a hike, ensuring a smoother sail through the city.

Adding to the vehicular victory, the 4-lane makeover of the Belur-Hassan and Yedegowdanahalli-Bilikere roads, along with the new Railway Over Bridges (ROBs) at Hangarahalli and the Holenarasipur Bypass, is expected to slash travel times by a whopping 2 hours – because who doesn’t love extra nap time?

Not to be overlooked, a major bridge over the Lakshmanathirtha River is in the works to ease the hustle and bustle of Hunsur Town, marking a stride towards less honky and more harmonious urban life. The Srinivasapura and Chintamani bypasses are also on the docket, aiming to untangle traffic in those cities faster than you can say “shortcut”.

With an ensemble of major and minor bridges, and ROBs replacing pesky railway level crossings, the project is a veritable ode to uninterrupted travel. It’s clear: under Gadkari’s watch, the road to progress is not just being built – it’s getting an express lane.

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