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Volvo Cars Electrifies the Race: Zooms into the Future with Snappy Charging Tech from Breathe

Volvo Cars has turbocharged the electric vehicle market by joining forces with the dynamic startup, Breathe Battery Technologies (Breathe). This electrifying partnership has put Volvo in the fast lane, granting them exclusive access to Breathe’s cutting-edge, algorithm-driven charging wizardry for their next-gen electric vehicles.

With a masterstroke of innovation, Volvo is weaving Breathe’s software magic into its own bespoke battery management platform. This tech fusion is set to supercharge Volvo’s charging capabilities, promising Volvo drivers a lightning-fast charging experience that’s not just quicker but also smoother and snazzier than ever before.

Volvo is revving up to roll out this tech in its forthcoming fully electric fleet, forecasting a jaw-dropping cut in charging times from 10 to 80 percent by up to 30 percent. And here’s the kicker: this boost in charging efficiency is expected to maintain the battery’s vim and vigor throughout its life, without denting its health.

The deal with Breathe is the cherry on top of Volvo Cars Tech Fund’s latest ventures, marking a significant leap towards Volvo’s ambitious goal to be a fully electric car manufacturer by 2030. It’s clear that Volvo and Breathe share more than just a business deal; they share a vision for an electrified future of mobility, tinged with the promise of fast, efficient, and sustainable driving joy.

Ann-Sofie Ekberg, the visionary CEO of the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, hailed the partnership as a game-changer. “Our tie-up with Breathe is not just about beating the clock on charging times. It’s about electrifying our commitment to make electric mobility more accessible and enjoyable for everyone,” she stated with enthusiasm.

Breathe’s software is no ordinary tech; it’s a smart, adaptive charging system that tunes the charging process to the battery’s condition, ensuring optimal performance without the risk of damaging the battery over time. This means Volvo drivers can look forward to not only faster charging times but also a more robust and reliable battery life.

Dr. Ian Campbell, CEO of Breathe Battery Technologies, expressed excitement over the collaboration. “Partnering with Volvo Cars is a thrilling step forward. Together, we’re not just charging batteries faster; we’re driving towards a future where electric vehicles are the heart and soul of mobility,” he remarked.

As Volvo Cars powers ahead with Breathe’s technology, they’re not just setting new standards for charging speed. They’re steering towards a greener, more sustainable future without compromising on performance or convenience. This partnership is more than just a technological breakthrough; it’s a milestone on the road to a fully electric and environmentally conscious world.

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