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Hyundai US Puts the Pedal to the Medal in Child Safety Crusade with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

MIAMI, March 7, 2024 – In a move that gears up child safety measures to full throttle, Hyundai Hope – the altruistic arm of Hyundai Motor America – has turbocharged Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s Car Seat Safety Program with a hefty $15,000 (INR 12.41 lakh) donation. This generous fuel injection will supercharge the hospital’s efforts to educate the community on child passenger safety and offer complimentary car seat inspections and installations, ensuring that young co-pilots ride in both style and safety.

The ceremony saw Hyundai’s Chief Safety Officer, Cole Stutz, hand over the ceremonial check to the hospital, symbolizing the automotive giant’s commitment to not just engineering safe vehicles, but also ensuring the smallest passengers are securely buckled in. “Hyundai is revving up its efforts to protect passengers, and we’re excited to partner with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital to make sure that education and safety seats are more accessible to families,” said Stutz, standing by the company’s motto of driving forward with safety in the front seat.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, a beacon of child safety and injury prevention in South Florida, welcomes this partnership with open arms (and seat belts). Malvina Duncan, the hospital’s community outreach injury prevention coordinator, highlighted the impact of Hyundai’s contribution: “Thanks to Hyundai Hope, we’re shifting our safety programs into high gear, reaching more families, and buckling up for an even greater impact in our community.”

Amidst rising concerns over the use of expired or recalled car seats, the hospital’s Car Seat Safety Program is a lifesaver, steering families towards the correct use of safety seats that adhere to the latest standards by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With a goal to install and check around 225 car seats annually, the program not only helps strap in tiny travelers safely but also educates caregivers on preventing vehicular heatstroke and ensuring rollover protection.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, standing tall as the vanguard of child healthcare since 1950, not only excels in pediatric medicine but is also the driving force behind the Miami-Dade County Safe Kids Coalition. The hospital’s Car Seat Safety Program is an essential cog in its mission to safeguard childhood journeys, ensuring every trip is a safe adventure.

So, as Hyundai accelerates its commitment to child safety, it’s clear that together with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, they’re not just on the road to safety; they’re paving it for future generations.

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